Saturday, 3 March 2012

Blood in the badlands - An ogre sized spanking

So, Turn 2 of the campaign ended with my Minotaur hoard being utterly spanked by Chaos Dwarf sponsored Ogre hoard of Jon in a Blood and Glory scenario. I had foolishly made the mistake of goading my opponant, drawing a crude MS paint picture and posting it up on the local gaming forum telling him of the prophecy of the upcoming battle! I entirely blame my defeat on Karma kicking me up the ass!

A work of MS Art!
It was a really good game which was in the balance until the assualt phase of turn 3. Two failed assaults by both my ghorgon and minobus left them in no mans land (half an inch short!) and an ungor hoard on their own against his mournfang cavalry. This meant when my Gors who were clogging up his death star fled, it set him up for a deathstar versus deathstar charge which utterly routed my minotaurs flank and dropped my fortitude below my break point.

I had utterly relied on the charge on the mournfangs, but a series of unfortunate events led to my armies utter crumbling.

It was actually quite close until that point, and it was a shame not because I lost, but more it cut short what could have been a really tense match up that went all the way. Jon made the point that I took the baits he had left out for me (which I always take the Farscape view of. "It's a trap?" "Obviously." "So what we going to do?" "Walk straight into it!"). But I had willingly taken those baits thinking I could take advantage. This led my gor hoard into a irongut hoarde (Which I thought I could balance up through magic, but only managed to reliably get Wissan's off and not the miasma I despeartely needed.). I only wanted to hold the hoard up, sacrificing a standard whilst I disposed of a unit of mournfangs and an iron blaster before turning my attention to his tyrant and irongut hoard.

What was actually a turning point was my razorgor charge. I charged my razorgor into his tyrant in the combat, hoping to take him out. He however outright slew the pig. If the pig had have stayed in position and not moved, he would have protected the minotaur flank...although all these charges were declared at once so it was impossible to predict two failed charges out of three!

So, I've learnt alot from this game, which was a disheartening first use of minotaurs! I'm sure We'll have a game in the future to allow me to balance things up!

Jon's army was mostly bases and greenstuff, but was shaping up really nicely (I cannot find any WIPs for you to see, but his juggernaut riding mournfang cavalry looks amazing!).

He does run a commision website however, so should you want any miniatures painted I strongly suggest having a peak. Here's the new beastmen monsters painted by him.

More of his stunning work can be found here at Clan Kerr Miniatures:

I'll update fully with all the campaign turn details later today hopefully.


  1. Wow, those are some awesome looking minis. That guy is pretty talented.

    Shame about your mino's

  2. Tell me about it - hate playing people who paint my army better than me :P

    The minos will be back. Monstrous infantry is something I need to get to grips with

  3. haha, always.

    At least you get some, as a dwarf player I just get to shoot at them. Or will when I can crack out my dwarfs at some point, or get more of them.


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