Thursday 25 April 2013

WIP blood throne conversion

Hey all, getting back into the swing of things with updating this thing. Hope we're all good?

Recently, after the dissapointment of the new armybook, I began trying to get my mojo for warhammer back. I began looking at new armys but, in the end, Im staying with Khorne.

GW only seem interested in pushing new armies, and I've given them near £75 in buying skullcannons. Now I'm just going to add to my khorne army. It may be crap, but I like my models, I'm not shifting.

Here's my latest addition, a skull throne of khorne. Its heavily converted, replacing the from buck toothed face for a juggernaut. Juggers are just a staple of a khorne army, and I really wanted one pulling my herald along.

The herald has skull takers head and a cloak from the warriors chariot set. I added a chain for hos cloak and a spare shoulder pad from the skullcrusher kit. I gave the bloodletter body guard a bloody icon, I know its a fairly common bit but I havnt used it anywhere else in the army. I can now use him as a BSB.

Let me know what you think!


  1. I really like the addition of the Juggernaut.

  2. awesome, its been years since I was interested in figures, gotta have these :P


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