Monday, 26 December 2011

Editorial - New vamps and Your ad here!

Hi, I'd like to wish you all a very happy holiday season, hopefully your christmas was merry and your new year will be drunken and debauch.

So I've not had much chance to game or paint recently, although I'm extremely excited for the new year. Firstly, I will be playing against my old rival max's vampire counts in the first week of january. I'll probably be taking my daemons for a long awaited run out.

I'm extremely worried about the new vampires. They look utterly amazing, and  their arrival before other more needy books (w'elves, dwarfs and the bretonians) is obviously GW sitting up and making a real retaliation at other companies (like Mantic) and their more affordable plastics taking a chunk out of their sales.

There's going to be alot of ethereal models floating around being untoucheable, which will cause alot of armies (especially built for all comers like mine) struggling because they just can't dish out enough magical attacks.

This leave me with a problem - my daemons army all have magic attacks - everything they do is magical, even the bloodletters! They'll be quite happy fighting vamps.

Beastmen...not so much! Beastmen already have an ache in the balls facing armies with armour, regen and high initiatives. Armies with alot of ethereal troops may be even worse! Nothing worse than being tied up with a unit you can't hurt.

I'll be taking my daemons with me to game Max because I won't have chance to make my beastman army in time. Max will also be using the old book, since we are gaming literally the week before the Vamps get their new goodies. Oh well, at least he has an excuse as I run through his lines rampantly! (it's about time I made up the gap between his superior win ratio)

Secondly - Sponsor me! I'm currently on £4 earned in over 9 months using AdSence, which isn't great as the content is not very specific to wargaming. My blog has become extremely popular, with over 100 hits a day and growing. So I'm looking for sponsors for my blog. All offers considered! I'm willing to accept very decent offersfrom all sources as long as your ads are relevant to wargaming and the advert itself looks good.

So, if you are, or know anyone who may be interested, then drop me a line, or click on the mspaint banner on the side of the blog!

To finish with, I've painted a little bit today, finishing a razorgor and a big chunk out of my doombull, so hopefully I'll be back in the new year with some more painted posts and a few battle reports!

So fellow beastmen, take care, click my links, earn me money and enjoy yourself over the holiday period!

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