Saturday, 31 December 2011

The Ironshod - a WIP besticentigor

Hoihoihoi, how are we all doing? This is a little something I put together earlier today. He's not finished yet, but he's nearly complete.

Anyway, some of you may have noticed, I like to go abit nuts when it comes to modelling. This idea was floating around when I first started thinking about my plastic centigors and I began looking at chaos horses.

I really like the chaos knight steeds, their barding looks so feral and chaotic. However, centigors only get a 4+ save and the huge hulking knight mounts are a bit too powerful. But I still wanted to give him a go, so I decided to make him as a unit filler for my bestigors.

My original idea was a complicated one. Originally the centigor was going to have a bestigor rider, and a chain to his mouth. I was going to say the bestigor had bested the centigor and had him under his control. I had several permutations on this idea (the centigor was protecting a magic weapon that the bestigor had, so followed him around; He was possessed by a bloodletter who was etherically on his back tormenting him, riding him around etc) but, in the end, I just left him as a centigor in huge armour. Why? Well, he's a unit filler - the whole point is to represent 4 figures in one base - adding a rider means the unit filler's efficiency is reduced by one! Plus, centigors don't like being ridden much, and cutting the legs on a second bestigor would just be an addition ball ache.

So, I cut a bestigor diagonally between the thigh and stomach armour. This left a triangle in the groin which fit in the neck hole of the steed. I put an ork shoulder pad on the saddle to protect the upper torso's back. I put the spare marauder shields on the horse's flanks to add more bulk. I used the Gor command arm and head, to add a bit of individuality to the centigor from the rank and file bestigors.

Here he is, I'm quite please with him. I wanted to use as little greenstuff as possible - I'm good at fur, but crap at armour and chainmail!

I put him diagonally on his base, to maximise his footprint. I imagine the other bestigors would give him some person space. He's got a gap on the left that needs covering, but other than that he's pretty complete. His body looks quite far back, but the armour of the horse sticks out quite a way and the upper body is actually in line with the front of the horse and his legs.

So, let me know what you think! Have a happy new year!!


  1. I love it!
    Makes me want to switch to beastmen.

  2. Don't do it! You'll lose your sanity!

  3. So this is the other Centigor you were talking about? that's an awesome model. Great idea, as he looks tough as hell with the armour.

  4. No he isn't, my other centigor is a standard bearer :p


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