Saturday, 23 June 2012

Ghorros Warhoof and A minimalagor

I return! Well, the last week or so I've been wracking my brains over new projects - Mantic chaos dwarves, chaos warriors of khorne and even 40K orks - But, in the end. I decided to go with finishing a few more beastmen models!

So here's wha tI've done today, lets start with the perviest, seediest centigor in the game, Ghorros RapeWarhoof.

This model has been languishing in my bitsbox for about 3 year
s, since I bought him to represent my Centigor with club in mordheim. As such, I lost his left hand, belly plate horns and unicorn horn. This put me off making him - until today. I got my shizzle together, pillaged some spare horns, and stuck a shield on his left arm, as I'll be using him as a champion for my other centigor more often than not. Also helps him look like he earns that 4+ armour save. This needed a bit of greenstuffing to bulk out/smooth the elbow join but I think I pulled it off.

I also decided to turn him so he was actually looking forward, so I chopped off the tab and pinned him to a new base. His right foot was slightly warped so I stuck in some rocks to help him look like he's not standing on one foot.

Malagor...yes, I recieved this cheeky chappy pro bono from my friend Mike at the club. Although I don't need a new mage, I thought I'd give him a play with as he's a nice sculpt and extra wizards always come in handy for storm of magic. Well, he was a wee bugger! I greenstuffed the hole in his back after I removed his wings, gave him a new beard and he somehow lost his pinky from his left hand. Not hanving enough spare left hands which look quite wizardy, I ended up greenstuffing a new finger.

I can honestly say this was one of the most taxing drains of my skill I can remember.

In the end, I got him sorted, then painted and - well, I just didn;t enjoy it. I don;t know if it's just the texture of the material but I just really found it a pain to paint. In the end I just left it about 75% complete and gave it an angrax earthshade bath hoping that would hide the multitude of painting sins.

How he came, but with an extra beard

Pre stick cloth painting

Post wash bath
Finally, I'd like to thank you all who made my total views upto 20k in the last month, and hopefully now, real life permitting, I'll be able to upload a bit more frequently.

See you all soon!

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