Friday, 20 May 2011

Fiendish conversions- Fiends of slaanesh WIP

So, today I went and collected my ebay hoard from the post office. Firstly, I got 30 daemonettes (well...28, 2 have been glued and converted beyond recognition).

Secondly, I got my 6 chaos spawn. I remember a few years ago, in the height of Apocalypse, the silly 40K expansion, GW released a "tide of spawn", which was 10 spawn in a bundle box for negligable money off. My friend Adam bought this said box. Firstly, I mocked him, and questioned him why. Secondly, I tried to acquire some of the said spawn, which he guarded jealously. Now, finally, I relent and admit it was a shrewd move.

I acquired my spawn for £5 each. brand new in box. What a deal, it's £20 for two from the local GW.

I'm going to admit, this afternoon I "winged it". I had no idea how to go about making my fiends, so I just had a bit of a play. I really wanted to them look fiendish, not just spawns pretending to be fiends. A bit hard with spawn, but I tried my best!

And here's what I came up with:

They rank up nicely, I've still quite alot to do. I intened to greenstuff fur on their backs and a few details on their skin. I really wanted fiend heads for all of them, but I didn't want to watse perfectly good seekers just for their heads.

Instead, I modified a couple of other heads, hopefully to some degree of success.

This guy is genius. I wanted to give them all the large claws from the spawn set but just couldn't acquire them. I also wanted to save these arms for some dark eldar grotesque conversions. So, I ended up biting the bullet and using them. With the dark eldar chain snares, I saw a really good oportunity. Originally I planned to have him dragging the icon of slaanesh behind him. But I couldn't find it...but could find a pretty hefty looking eight-pointed star. Bet that's hurt being whipped in your face. So I decided to use it as a weapon! I've tried to pose him in a realistic pose to show he's swinging his arm round, I think it's fairly decent pose. I'm going to model the skin over the hook to look like they're pierced through the skin.

The main man with the £5 head! I like this guy.

I really like this guy. I put daemonette claws on him from the seeker kit. His heads the flayed head the standard from the beastmen kit, I've green stuffed a tongue and since he has no jaw, it's just dangling there. Very creepy.

There's some rear shots - I've used the tails from my gargoyles.

So, let me know what you think - and if anything can improve them, be sure to let me know!

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  1. Why is it that I don't see many Daemon armies?
    I love the models, I know nothing of the rules so I'm genuinely interested.


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