Friday, 27 May 2011

Musk I decide?

Hi guys, how we all doing? It's been a while since my last update so I thought I'd pop in just to say I, or this blog, isn't dead!

I'm literally on a bus to work with sore legs from football as I type this, but the slaanesh project is far from finished - oh no!

Lets firstly update you on my ebay hoarde. The 30 daemonettes utter dogs dinner. About 15 are useable,the rest I'm relagating to spare parts. They look like they've been put together by a kid with a poly cement fetish. There a load of greenstuff too. And some of the legs are put together incorrectly! So much for saving money eh? Ive included a picture of one on the monsters.

I've bit the bullet and hit maelstrom games ( for my plastic needs. 3 boxes of daemonettes and 2 seekers should see me right for now. I bought them for 18% off rrp as they're having a sale for the rest of the world embargo comes on. Does anyone else get visions of the cuban missile crisis? Ships of indie retailers steaming towards Australia with stacks of discounted plastic crack, with Rear Admiral Johnson standing at the prow of HMS Bloodbowl, stopping those red bastards spreading their equality- in- pricing nonsence.

So, bad stuff out the way. My boobworm turned up and was awesome. I'm not too happy about the huge gap inbetween the torso joint, so I'm going to have to greenstuff a bit more. I'll include pics soon don't worry!

I've used some spare claws on an icon which I'll be placing on one of my daemonette unit in the near future. Again, pics soon will be with you.

And finally, I bought a vintage Azazel on ebay for £15. I like the fluff for this guy and I couldn't decide whether to buy his model or convert a deciever. I've got him missing a tail for under half price the going rate, and found a seller who has the tail! But do I bother, as the tail is a bit rubbish!

I promise to whack on some more photos soon. Honest. Your opinions are vital so please, if you like (or dislike) my blog drop a vomment. Costs nothing to say hello :).

If you also have a blog let me know - I'm looking to increase my reading list.

Take care out there.
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