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Blood in the Badland - Turn 3

Turn 3 came with game successes for the Some High Elves, Tomb Kings, Empire and Ogres, whilst Chaos as a whole, orcs and the other contingent of elves suffered defeats. Here's the maps, stolen again from the GM.

And, as its a little hard to read like that. With Colour!

  • Ogre Kingdoms - 3 Relics, Iron rock (may include O&G forces in any of your armys), Mine +150pts army, Random event = Embattled
  • Beastmen - 2 Relics, Barak Var (+3 Fort bonus), Mine +150 Army, Random event = Regiment of Renown
  • Tomb Kings - Mine + 250pts Army, Random event = Raiding party
  • Chaos - Mine + 200pts army, Random Event = Prepared Ambush.
  • Orks n Goblins -1 Relic, Mine +50pts items, Random event = Siege Force
  • High Elves - 1 Relic, Mine + 300pts army, Random event =  Plague
  • Empire - Mines, nothing. Random event = Forced March
  • High Elves - 2 Relics, Mines +60pts items, Random event = Cunning Commander
Game changing random events

Prepared Ambush - Gets to pick the scenario and if they go 1st or 2nd.


So, I decided to forge a path down south with Kravyn's list, whilst my beastlord's list remained oop north and defended Barak Varr. My minotaur list will return in two weeks, so that's not a big deal. Since my Kravyn list hasn't actually had a battle yet, I decided to give them a regiment of renown, just so when they did fight they'd be a little bit elite. So the bestigors in this list have devestation charge - get in! My next game will again be with Grosque's army, in potentially a fort match again the (as yet!) undefeated High elves of George.

I also wrote up a little bit of background for the Minotaur armies spanking, and my armies march south.

Chapter 3:

Karniforex stomped through the camp, massive axe gripped in his fist. It was several days after the battle with the Ogres. His warherd had stormed leagues through the Badlands, trampling and destroying all in their way. Until they met the Ogres of the Tyrant Kurr.
His force outnumbered the foe by more than half, yet the impetuous of the frenzy whipped beastmen was their undoing. Confusion had reigned, with his units arriving piecemeal to the plane of battle. The drunkard four legged Kanter didn’t even turn up, only a handful of his centigors being in a fit state to engage the enemy whilst most of the Gore Garrons were scouting.  The Ghorgon, the unthinking brute, wandered where he pleased ignoring the will of his commander. The lesser Gors on The Great’s left flank turned tail and ran, leaving his Minotaur’s open for a devastating charge from the Tyrant’s honour guard. Karniforex crossed blades with Kurr, both monstrous beings evenly matched blow for blow. Around him, however, his herd was run down mercilessly.
Only the massive block of puny Ungors had performed admirable, taking the battle to the Ogre’s and engaging the Ogre heavy cavalry and their daemonically engineered destriers without fear. It was unfortunate that they had been left to a grim fate as the rest of the armies broke and fled. However, their grizzly death no doubt stalled the fleeter elements of the Ogre force from pursuing the fleeing beast army. Undoubtedly the best use for an ungor, so Karniforex had no regrets about that.
What should have been a massacre was a stern lesson which cost him the blood of his Minotaurs.
Only a handful of his broken contingent had returned after the battle, collecting around the largest rock they had passed on their travel south. This makeshift herdstone was a natural gathering point, and after Karniforex had spent most of the previous night bellowing into the night sky his errant forces began to filter back. There were too few to form a significant force and have another go at the ogres, so Karniforex has no other choice but to return to Barak Var for reinforcements.
Karniforex walked straight to his standard bearer, the pathetic Brakka. He squatted, braying mournfully over his lost axe. His magic relic was torn from his grasp as the surviving Minotaurs fled, and the bond a Minotaur makes with is tool for killing was a sacred bond. Without this weapon, he was a changed beast.
Karniforex gave the weeping beast a sickening kick to the face, his triangular hoof cutting a gouge in his cheek and spraying blood into the air. The sobbing beast was knocked to the floor, his woes about his erstwhile weapon forgotten for the time being. “Get up weakling. Get our bulls together. We head back to the Dwarf Fort.”
Hopefully the Man-child’s fury at this set back would have subsided by the time they returned.
Kanter walked into the inner vault of the Dwarven hold. He struggled to walk, tottering like a newborn deer.  The mix of the extremely low ceilings common of dwarven architecture, the cobbled floor and the six kegs of strong ale he needed to help quell his fear all contributed to his unsteadiness.
The walls of the vault were streaked with slick gore. There was a cracking noise under his front left hoof, and on further inspection it appeared he was treading on a piece of skull bone, a tiny horn jutting upward, one of many shards of ungor skeleton. In front of him stood Kravyn, his back turned to the door. His fists were clenched and knuckles down a stone table with his head lowered.
“You’re wiser than I give you credit for, Kanter. Sending those ungor in with your news from the front perhaps saved your life.”
Kanter cracked a smile. He has scouted ahead of Karniforex’s force before battle was met and saw the Ogre army that marched upon them. Even with alcohol fuelled bravado he knew he wouldn’t stand a chance against those steam powered steeds their outriders rode. Instead he watched from afar, and galloped hard to home to relay Karniforex’s failure to his liege.  Nothing made you look better than the failure of your peers.
“It was ill news.” Kanter looked around the blood soaked room. He was surprised it took ten ungor for Kravyn to fully vent his anger.
“My fury was spent after killing five.” Kravyn stated, making Kanter start in surprise, unsure if Kravyn was reading his thoughts. “I just didn’t want the other’s going back and sowing unrest in their blighted kin. The ungor are unreliable enough as it is.”
“You are wise, my Lord.” Kanter stepped closer.
“You are not!” Kravyn snapped round and grabbed the centigor by his throat. The grip was vice like, the ugluhand strengthened beyond mortal capabilities. Kanter did not fight, knowing to do so was certain death. Certain death was worse than the probable death he faced this instant.
Kravyn brought the centigor’s face down to his, unperturbed by the stale alcohol on the four leg’s breath. “I only let you live because your death would not have prevented  that idiot’s complete failure. Should it become beneficial to cease your existence, it will be done. Ensure you still have a use to me.”
He released Kanter, who stumbled back clutching his throat taking great breaths, “Y...yes my lord.”
“Gather your Gore Garrons. We head south. Skullcrown gives word the Elves march on Grosque’s position. I intend to use this distraction and head an army towards the fastness. One of our armies has taken a human fortress to our south west, so this should allows us safe passage. We are serving no purpose remaining in the north.”
Kanter nodded, “At once, my lord.”
Kravyn nodded to the far corner of the room, “Then go, for I believe I’ve missed a spot in that far corner.”
Kanter looked behind him and saw some dry brickwork free of ungor innards. Without hesitation he made a hasty exit out of the vault.

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