Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Despoilers - Bestigor standard bearers

So, I've not updated for a few days as basically I've not finished everything. I've hit a crappy state where I'm stuck being unable to sit and finish any model completely. Well, any model I'm suppose to be finishing. Ho hum.

So here's what I have finished. A couple of bestigors.

First up is my despoiler marker/unit filler. This cheeky chap will sit on the back rows, toasting a nice flag. Once I take some casualties I'll remove him and put him to one side with a dice, and for each banner my unit takes it will be signified by a dice on this model. I have a load of spare cavalry bases, and figured the bestigors will give the guy with a huge burning flag a bit of space...

The bretonnian flag in in the livery I'd use for a bret army, which I'd love to do if they updated the aging range. The sea monster is based on an existing coat of arms from the bretonnian book.

Second is my actual bestigor banner. The image is something I just came up with. It's suppose to be the chaos star made from twisted horns, around the pink eye - the mark of the albino. The banner is a bloodletter flag and the weapon blade was swapped to make it unique in the unit.

I lightened the shade of pink to help it stand out on the dark background. I'm crap at free hand! Let me know what you think.

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  1. Those are some nice looking banners. The second one is my favourite. The horns look great, very beastman seeming.


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