Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Editorial - Bits o' this...bits o' that...

So, I think it's about time I let you all in to a little secret.

I'm utterly fed up with the sheer ammount of spare bits I've got for my beastmen. I've dozens of arms, heads, horns, all just sitting on the sprue or in my box doing utterly nothing. There's no point trying to get rid of them - every other beastman player is in the same boat!

So, something I did last week was this: I found an american bitz merchant on eBay, who sold beastman bodies.

Gors and friends are lucky as, unlike say space marines, dark eldar and other plastic kits, their body is all one piece. And games workshop seem to chuck bits in with units with wild abandon these days. I remember having to try and scramble together two or three chainswords for a unit of 5 space marines years ago - Now you get the choice of both in your packs.

So, I bought: 20 gor, 10 ungor, 10 bestigor and 3 minotaur bodies. All for £30. I already have the bits to fully complete them in my boxes (the bestigors actually are a bit of a push, but I'm sure I'll manage...).

I've basically saved £30 on the battalion boxset, and an additional £27 on a minotaur set. Bonza.

However, the bloke who sold them me wasnt too carefully clipping and posting - so a couple of minis have flattened spikes or tips of trophy horns missing, but I'm not too fussed about that.

This has all culminated in my purchase of a cygor body. I'm confident, with all the spares you get in the ghorgon boxset, I can make a cygor seperately.

If I have any spare bodies left, I may make my pure beastman Blood Bowl Team!

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  1. Nice stuff. I need to do that with my 40k orks. I have a load of heads but nothing else. Actually it seems it might be better off buying sets for them.

    Will work with the dwarfs though, I have a lot of spare arms for them but lack the bodies.

    Ahh Blood Bowl. I want to play that game, once I've set up some teams. I sold off my dwarf team a couple of years ago, The team. I have the orc and human teams from the boxed set.


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