Monday, 20 February 2012

Gor - blimey!

Poor punsmithery, but it was either that or CORE- blimey!

Anyway - hi! I blasted out some gors over the last week. I've got two ranks done just about, 50% of the planned unit. I must admit, painting rank and file really rankles me. The paint scheme for my gors didn't really lend itself to mass batch painting, but I've worked out a satisfactory method for drumming our as many as possible to a decent standard.

Now, I'm fussy when I paint, and very rarely relinquish a model as "done". However, I've decided to loosen up with the massed ranks of Gors. They're messy, dirty, angry animals. They also cost 8points a pop, T4 and die in droves. So I'm aiming for a coherent mass of fur and claws, individually I'm not that bothered if they're not 'eavy metal standard! So, I believe in the business I'm aiming for the horrific term "table top standard".

So, my method:

- Undercoat about 20 or so Gors black.
- Paint as many "base" colours on as possible. This consists of my 50:50 astronomicon grey/tallarn flesh skin colour, astronomicon grey for the fur, bones and bandages, liche purple tabards, 50:50 shadow grey/chaos black for the horns, dark flesh for the wood and boltgun metal for the metal bits.
-Then after the two hours it takes to do all that, I give up.

-I return at leisure, and finish off models in batches of 5 or 6. I tidy up obvious mistakes, then add adeptus battlegrey belts, graveyard earth thongs, highlight the horns battlegrey.
-I finish off with a devlan mud wash and a huge sigh of relief, knowing those 2 hours with each 5 gors I complete 0.4% of a 2000point army.

I do intend to do a proper job on the gors in my front ranks, but for now these will do! The actually look quite good to me!

I need to speed this up even further with the ungor, who GW decided to make into actually really nice detailed models - not the simple ones from the last edition. Damn them. Here's 3 of the old ungor I painted, I reckon they look quite good too!

And finally, a little WIP - my bestigor unit filler/despoiler marker. I'm planning on painting the banner in Bretonnian colours. I'll keep him near the back rows, and when I take any banners I'll use it to represent it with a dice for the corresponding combat resolution bonus.

I'm crap at sculpting flame!


  1. The only complaint I can have about them is about the mold lines - you seem to have missed them on some of the models. Otherwise - great job. I like the banner bearer in particular, he's full of character. Keep it up! Feel free to drop by my own hobby blog of course. :)

  2. Thanks - yeah when you build 40+ models you end up missing some mould lines! :p also where's your blog? You havnt left any details where to go :p

    1. Oh, it's on Or just follow my profile on Google.

  3. The despoiler idea is brilliant. I may have to come up with something similar for my Bestigor units.

  4. That's a great idea with the despoiler miniature. I prefer to actually keep the standards of my victims in a gaggle behind my victorious herd (along with another pile of fallen foes whose souls have been stolen by the Jagged Dagger).

    I like the painting, but I can't help but feel that a couple of minutes putting brown ink or something over them might give a bit more depth without adding much time to the process.

    The reflection of the fire on the Ungor's face is excellent.


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