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Blood in the Badlands - Turn two: March

So, turn two has arrived in our campaign so far. Here is the map as it stands (gleefully stolen and copied and pasted from Daz):

  • Ogre Kingdoms - 3 Relics, Iron rock (may include O&G forces in any of your armys), Mine +20pts items, Random event = Dawn attack
  • Beastmen - 2 Relics, Barak Var (+3 Fort bonus), Mine +10pts items, Random event = Stacking the odds
  • Tomb Kings - No mines, Random event = Plague
  • Chaos - Mine + 150pts army, Random Event = Stacking the odds.
  • Orks n Goblins - Mine +150pts army, Random event = Sappers
  • High Elves - 1 Relic, Mine + 40pts items, Random event =  Secret tunnels.
  • Empire - Mines + 300pts army, Random event = Stoking unrest.
  • High Elves - 1 Relic, Mines +30pts items, Random event = Dawn attack
Dawn attack = Enemy rolls a D6 before deploying each unit. On a 1 its in reserves. (This is in addittion to the game type. Roll the 5th scenario and your rolling twice!)
Stacking the Odds = Your army is 25% larger then your opponents. (Remember that 25% is the largest your army can get)
Plague = Remove a mine, city, or fortress
Sappers = Remove an opposing mine  or fortress
Secret tunnes = Challenge anyone, regardless of location.
Stocking unrest =  Remove an enemy flag.

High Elves (Mike) Vs Tomb Kings (Daz)
High Elves (George) Vs O&G (James)
Ogres (Jon) Vs Beastmen (Simon)
Empire (Rob) Vs WoC (Neil)

My forces in the majority moved south, with one hoard remaining in a fort to fortifiy it next turn and hopefully protect my interests in the north. I'm quite happy so far, I'm joint top as far as terratories is concerned and I'm second in terms of relics. I managed to roll a bonus for my next game of having 25% extra points on my opponant - and my next game is my minotaur herd fighting the Chaos Dwarf sponsored Ogres, who is allowed to select units from the greenskin army book. I get 2505 points to make a list from, can you say "dual ghorgon"?

So in celbration of the next turn beginning, I wrote some fluff. I am hoping to compile all the fluff written by all the campaign group into one file, and maybe print it out professionally for a nice little commemorative item for everyone who partook in the campaign. Meanwhile, Enjoy.

Chapter Two:

“Open the gates,” Kravyn ordered, “tell the Manculler to come straight through.”
The ungor sentry nodded and ran out of the chamber. He had brought news that Grosque had returned from the south after seeing battle with the red skinned orcs. Kravyn had ordered the beast herd set up temporary base in Barak Varr, a derelict fort once manned by the dwarves, but now left dilapidated. There had been some human mercenaries squatting here, but they soon evicted themselves once they realised a full warherd marched their way.
 Kravyn turned back to his council. They were deep inside the fortress in what may have been a great feasting hall. Now it was covered in hay, dirt, and armour plating, his loyal bestigor’s taking the pick of the chambers for their dormitory.  This very moment however, this was the war room.
Kravyn and his party stood around a large piece of masonry, intricately detailed with various runes and scenes of dwarf legend. On the surface top was a rolled out parchment that one of the ungors had found. It was a detailed map of the badlands. Its age was indeterminate, however it was the only map they had found yet, so it would have to do.
The party consisted of Gorash Sowbane - Kravyn’s adjudent and his banner bearer, Great Karniforex – the alpha bull of the minotaur tribe that journeyed with them, Drunken  Kanter – the leader the Gore Garron centigor herd, Skullcrown the beast shamen and several other foe renders and shamens of the tribe. Before the ungor brought news of Grosque’s arrival, they were in the middle of discussing the current situation.
“As I was saying,” Skullcrown hissed in the dark tongue,“I body-walked in west as crows, ravens and guls of this land. The men of the Riek and elves fight on coast, the man called Bull was scattered, but not slayed. His army is gelded in short term. Elves still a threat.”
Kravyn nodded, “Agreed. I fear for our flank – both the men and elves pose a threat to our advance. He march too many forces too far south too slowly, our flanks becomes our rear. I fear we move quick, but our elven foe is fleeter and will catch us. We need to secure our flank. The base of the men is already more southernly, so we will deal with them in due course as we migrate south.”
“I shall deal with them.” Karniforex rumbled quietly. Minotaurs were fierce when the scent of blood was on the wind, but docile and calm away from the battlefield. Great Karniforex was no different, and spoke little unless it was of great significance. “I will move my bulls south and secure the fortress at this point.” he pointed a large finger the size of an infants arm the point just adjacent to the river’s mouth into the sea, the most likely point of an elven or imperial attack.
“No,” Kravyn smiled, “I have other plans for you and your herd. I - ”
He was interrupted by the great wooden doors bursting opening. Grosque Manculler waddled through the door, all 9 foot of him. Beside him walked the heavily armoured gor Blackleg and the death worshipping mage Mhurk. Grosque carried his rusted axe in his right hand, and with the other hand threw bag onto the onto the table. The object bounced and rolled, leaving a stain where it touched. The bag opened, revealing dark red face of a particularly large orc, still contained within its helmet.
“The battle went well I see.” Kravyn said calmly. Grosque nodded and grunted positively.
“Good. Any slaves taken?” Grosque shook his head.
“The foe was worthy.” Blackleg piped in, “They would never yield. We scattered their forces, they will not pose a threat.”
Kravyn glowered, but decided not to push the issue, “Very well. I have new orders for you all. Head west to our garrison. I want you to fortify it, I suspect it will be attacked in the next few weeks.”
Grosque slammed his decrepid weapon down on the rock  table and a wet growl came from his throat. Sowbane, who was stood behind Kravyn, stood forward at this display of insolence. He was stopped by Kravyn’s left hand snappin up, palm open. It was a warped limb, what was called the Ugluhand. The eye within its palm was narrowed at the diseased beastlord. The entire circle of company around the table took a hoof step back, instinctually knowing the risk of being too close to the irate great shamen.
“I understand your frustration – it is misplaced. On our flank stand a force and men. They wish to cease our advance. They are led by General Jaegerbomb.”
Grosque grunted harshly. Then again. Then the grunts got closer together, his shoulders both began to move up and down – he was laughing. Blackleg nervously laughed, as did Mhurk. Grosque turned away from the table, and waved his men to follow. He walked out of the room, laughter echoing off the stone walls as he went.
Kravyn watched after them, and brought his ugluhand down to his side. “Karniforex” he said without taking his eyes off the hulking form of the nurgling beastlord, “I want you to move south in force. Take the Gore Garrons with you. I have forseen a host of ogres moving on our lands. I want you and all your bulls to bring them to battle. Vanquish them. Grind them to the dirt under your hooves.”
Karniforex put his hand on his chest and bowed, “As you wish. Glory to chaos.”
Kanter stumbled around the table to Karniforex’s side, “Glory to Chaos!  We will leave none alive!”
Kravyn looked down at his map and smiled. All was going to plan.


  1. Its April you fool :p

    Nice fluff too ^^

  2. Seriously? What happened to january and february? :p

  3. Starts in Spring. So the first game was march :o


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