Tuesday, 24 April 2012

The Pyr-oxen

Well, this blighter is 90% done.

The lighting conditions are...unsatisfactory. My camera flash loves to saturate the whites and ignore the detail on the flame, but does pick up subtle highlights.

Yet again, devlan mud saves a model who looks rubbish, but ten comes to life with a layer of the brown equaliser. Devlan mud, the savior of games workshop!

I'm tempted to wash the white with the mud, to remove the contrast, but also tempted to leave it as is.

The base needs finishing off, but I'll do that later when I do a batch of models at a time.

So, hands up please, what should I name him?


or The Pyre-ox?


  1. I am a big fan of calling my firebellies Pierre so maybe Pyerre?

  2. Great looking, source lighting is needed though I reckon.

  3. I love that conversion. It's just inspired. Still, doesn't it look a bit small next to other Minotaurs?


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