Monday, 12 December 2011

Dirty animal - Pestigor Champion WIP

Here's something different. There's a tournament/campaign weekend in about 6months time run by the Tempus Fugitives called The Vampire Coast. The rulespack includes additional units you may pick to expand on your armies which are not included in the rulebooks themselves. These are often flavour units, or rules for units which no longer "exist".

One of the beastmen units is the old favourite, pestigors. Pestiogrs are basically a variation on Bestigors, and have the Fear special rule and a 5+ scaly skin save to got with their heavy armour, for 16points each. Well, I thought I'd have a bash at making a champion and see how he looked.

Basically, it was a excuse for me to get my hands on the nurgle plastic champion, which I've been dying to get an excuse for since it came out. I'm not afraid to say I love the plastic characters.

I pinched the carnifex toe technique (tm) and instead used tyranid warrior feet (again, spare from a couple of shrike conversions from a couple of years back. Massive bitzbox ftw). The head is from a normal gor, I went for the bug eyed helmet again. I greenstuffed fur in appropriate places and kapow, done.

I went out of my way to give him fur to make him beast like, but also wanted it to look shaggy and tufty, like big chunks are dropping out. This also gave me an excuse to keep as much scabby, 'orrible detail as possible on the model.

Anyway, this guy is utterly huge. A simple, striking conversion! I've also won an ebay auction for 15 pestigors in a bundle for £25 posted. I would've paid upto £35 so added bonus!

Paintwise...I'm not sure where to go with him next. I'm debating whether to keep him albino or just go for generic pale diseased with dark hair. Suggestions welcome!


  1. I would paint him dark to make him look more beasty and less human. Continue the illusion.

    This model is probably my favourite in the range. I am tempted to convert one for each army I have. I even thought about trying to convert one with an ork head. It could work...

  2. he does look sweet doesnt he? I'm going to try an pull of a jaundice look to im. Results soon!

  3. That's a very nice conversion, I'm currently working on my own Beastmen army but I'm making them followers of Slaanesh. I already have a large Death Guard army for 40K, I wanted to work on something less buboes riddled. Check out my conversion.

  4. I am also nicking this idea.....

  5. I absolutely love this conversion.


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