Thursday, 15 December 2011

Maste-rebater. WIP centigor prototype

Hi guys, I'm in a proper good mood tonight because the taxman has sent me a rebate for over £1000! Go Tory government!

Here's a little something I've been itching to make for a good few weeks. I ordered a gor kit, and a chaos marauder horsemen kit, to make myself some centigors. I wanted to update the current models by just using plastics, as this would be cheaper and more individual - a proper project!

I ordered these kits an they finally came (no thanks to the interventions of the royal mail, who went the extra mile to try and stop me by not actually telling me they had my packages). The chaos marauder horses had the right "power" look about them, strong bodies and heavy hooves. A few people use the wood elf steeds, whose hooves and legs are very lithe, not very beastman like.

The marauder horsemen also came with throwing spears which solved my next problem of making suitable spears. The gor box has a load of shields which I won't be using, so they replace the tiny buckler type shields the metals have.

I cut an old last edition beastmen at the thighs, and sawed the head off the plastic horse. I put the beast torso one the horses neck, slightly back abit, and greenstuffed the gaps, including a bit of a hairy part where the beast ass joins the bigger ass. I greenstuffed a rough tabbard as well, which I'll paint in a skin texture.

The saddle I decided to keep - and put a barrle from the ogre kit on there - I know centigors probably hate the idea of a saddle as oppressive by the hoo-mons, but I'm sure a couple of clever ones realise they can stack their belongings (and, more importantly, their booze!) on a saddle!

The saddle needs some extra work to make it look less sparse, and I still need to do some more fur on the shoulders and waist, but I'm fairly happy with the results. Should be fairly easy to do on 4+ horses.


  1. very nicely done!
    Thinking about going into fantasy myself. Also with Beastmen! Makes me wanna give in to the temptation

  2. Think the saddle needs to go altogether but the horse type is right, Can you grind it down? Alternatively throw a pelt over the back of the beast.

  3. That's rather fine. Although I like your rationale for keeping the saddle, I have to agree with Eldar that it doesn't look right. I'm particularly pleased with the way you've angled the torso; it really keeps the dynamism of the charging horse.

    Teku - Beastmen are highly satisfying to both play and paint, so I recommend them.

  4. Stop picking on my saddle bags!!!

    Unfortunately, I can't see any real way of getting rid of the saddles.

  5. Nifty conversion, I was thinking about making some Centigors, but I thought mine might be Scentigors using Steeds of Slaanesh for the lower bodies.

    I don't know of a good solution to the saddle problem, but it looks fine with it being used to carry baggage.

  6. Thanks. scentigors would be tricky as they have the same issue as marauder horses in that they have saddles that take up a huge ammount of the back and would need extensive work to remove and replace. Their necks are more snake like and thinner, so using ungor bodies may be easier.


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