Friday, 20 July 2012

A taste of 40k - HERESY!!!

Greetings from the white woods, fellow beastmeisters, vile daemonsters and 8 pointed urchins. Simonster is back in the game!

So it's been a damn long time since I've updated this blog in anger, and there's an excuse for that - I'm human, and I don't get paid enough! But I've been keeping my beady little eye on all you lot, and I like what I see. Keep it up fellow blogfacers:

Especially you, Mr Saturday, you fimir hugging bastard.

Especially you, Kuffy, and your rediculous skills at painting the vertically challenged.

Especially you, Max Pearson, professional slackarse and mispeller of my name.

Not you though Daz, no one likes Cruddance which means no one likes you.

Anyway, dissing Daz and his crushing tournament winning knight bus of doom aside, this blogs about me, as it's got my name in the address bar. What have I been doing?

My arms, crotch, and army, being pounded by some crimson fists
Well, real life is back on track, hurrah! Uni woes are very close to being behind me now, so clear sailing here on it. Only one thing is stopping me from enjoying my pure, unadulterated fantasy of warhammer.


Yes, my former muse, my 10year plus on-off wargamefriend seems to have reared her head after about a year being mostly quiet and letting fantasy whisk me away. So, obviously, like a tool, I wandered into town of 40k release day and dropped over a hundred pounds on daemons.

So, I've read the rules, assimilated the new fluff (trust me, there's hardly anything new, but just enough to whet my appetite. Beastmen in the back of the book!) and played a game.

I'm not sold. It's just not as good as fantasy! Psychic powers are just no brainers now - and I can see it ruining the game. My daemons took a major nerfing yet again, whilst the top tier armies didn;t get effected (Space wolves actually getting better!

Sadly,40k is still a flawed system. The rules may be fixed, but the individual books are still massively variable in power levels.

But this isn't a blog about that. Well, maybe in the future it will be. Capricious the four powers are. But for now, this is still a Beastman blog. And treats for you to enjoy in the future:

- A unit of Pestigor, including flavoursome fillers
- Complete army shots
- Some bloodbowl madness
- Some more battle reports
- Some terrain

But thats all to come, so stay tuned.


  1. Hey, you're welcome. It's when they hug back you're in real trouble.

    Bought the 40k book myself. What am I, a masochist?

  2. I like the space house. Nice to know Barratt Homes are going strong in the 41st Millennium.


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