Thursday, 7 March 2013

My Khorne daemons

So, I've been upto quite a bit since the last time I update, approximately 9months.

What have I been doing? Well, I've finished 2000points and mores worth of khorne daemons. This was, at least, in the old book. Sadly, I'm rather dissapointed in the new book. Swapping a cannon no one wanted for being to buy your BSB some armour is not progress, in my humble opinion.

Its disappointing, to be honest, as I really enjoyed playing my army. I guess I'll have to adapt to the change. But this isn't an armybook review, you came to see the cool stuff.

My bloodletter scheme is an alternate - charcoal skin, with bright flame like secondary colours. Stands out far more than khorne red washed with nuln oil and bloodletter glaze.

A group shot

My flesh hounds, of "flounds" as I call them. Warhounds with the horns and tongues of spare bloodletter heads

39 bloodletters. You wont be seeing those much more.

My infantry herald of Khorne. Again, soon to be extinct.

The manibles are from the chaos possessed kit, adds a bit more edge to the head swap on skulltaker

My extinct fiends of slaanesh/ soon to be beasts of nurgle.

The old school scylla with a head I lost his head.

Belakor, standing in as a bloodthirster/daemon prince

The skillcannon, named as so because it takes alot of skill to use

My soulgrinder, Sally. I felt the forgefiend fitted the mad, daemonic forges of khorne more than the actual soulgrinder kit, and led to me being able to put a particularly brave juggernaut rider on him.

Now defunct bloodcrushers. 

Nice bit of freehand though.

And the beginnings of my second unit of bloodletters with a non BSB herald

My juggataurs, who are either unit fillers or mark of khorne ogres with my upcoming warriors army

And the big man, Krull.

So, let me know what you all think! I'll be back shortly to discuss the new daemon armybook.

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