Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Let it snow - How I did my Snow bases

Just a quick post about my snow bases, which I have redone. My Beastmen are from the Grim up norf (just like me) so I wanted some snow bases for them.

The glue I used, just infront of the book I researched "yellowing" in

I've heard alot about snow bases, and the use of baking soda. I was concerned about "yellowing", the process where chemestrium chloride oxidises with CO2 and ionises the bosons (or something...) and turns white snow into yellow snow over time. I decide to play it safe and go for GW snow.

Well, that was a mistake. I don't know how GW got away with pedalling that crap - It's rubbish. It's basically white flock, the same stuff they use for grass, but white. No matter how hard I tried, how accurately I followed the online snow tutorials on, it always looked rubbish.

So, having a word with Daz, he had experience using snow bases on his Throne of skulls winning Throgg army. He suggested using wood glue, not PVA (I know, there's a difference!) and one year on the snow is still as white as pure driven...white stuff.

He also pointed me toward Kuffeh's Snow base tutorial which was extremely helpful. So, I went off and had a practice, and used my own technique.
Kuffeh's snow look nice, white and fluffy, the sort you'd like to roll around in an throw snowballs. What I wanted was a more harsh, icy, sharp snow. The stuff that has thawed and refrozen, the sort nasty kids used to put inside snowballs and throw at mums at school and cut their face (true story!).

I used Dr Oetkers bicarbonate of soda, which cost me 82p from Morrisons. I also used some wood glue that cost £2, which from now on I'm going to call WPVA. Already cheaper than GW's white grass. I decided not to make a solution, but just mix the WPVA and soda together. If it was too "claggy" and didn't apply easily, I just added more WPVA.

I sprinkled a little bit of extra soda on after application, just to add a bit of crispy definition, then left it. Easy peasy.

Not a bad result, I think you'll agree.


  1. Hey! My tutorial! :D Your snow looks good, and you are right about how mine comes out, it looks like new or fresh snow. Good work though.

  2. It's an excellent article, much better than the bilge GW put on their website for their own snow flock (I don't believe they used their own snow flock TBH...cheaters...)

  3. Cheers. It is odd that the GW snow looks great, but it's just white flock. It doesn't look like their snow flock.


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