Friday, 30 March 2012

Yet another mullering by High Elves

Last night saw me utterly trounced by James's high elves in a battleline engagement.

Historically...'ve never liked elves. Ever since my first game of battlefleet gothic against the nigh undefeateable eldar, I've loathed those pixies and their game bending antics - be it their magic, speed, firepower and/or their additional special rules.

James didn't seem to understand my apprehension or my inward groaning at his suprise High Elf hoard in a box in a box in his cupboard. Unfortunately, for my beastmen, they arn't a good matchup. Neither were dwarves, his other potential army - but it's not in James's character to pick an army to give me an easy time.

The game went predictably, although I was experimenting. My usual lv4 took Beasts rather than shadow, and lv 1 gave up wyssan spam for miasma spam.

James took a lv4 with shadow, and obviously rolled withering, enfeebling, pit and miasma. I got wyssans, horros, aranheir and kadon.

The first two phases my gors got miasma'd and withered, shot to death (through cover and at an additional -1bs) and mercilessly halved. They then failed a charge by an inch before being combicharged and destroyed.

My bestigors had better luck, charging and wiping and eagle and over running through into a unit of archers. Unfortunately by then my gor hoard with lv4 croaked, leaving the magical field to James and my bestigors were hexed more than a gypsy's ex boyfriend.

So yet again, shadow proved its dominance. Cheap casting in addition to those infamous high elf tricks of extra d3 power dice per turn and and additional +1 to casting just for being an elf. There's little to do. The number of dispels I failed by 1 as well was agonising.

My casting was all over the place too. I hexed and hexed, but little difference it made. I couldn't get wyssans off, and never got opportunity for my big spell.

When you need to pass a leadership test on double 1s, fail it on a reroll, then for your flee roll you roll...a double know it's not your fight.

So, basically...bloody pixies and their bloody pixie dust!

Don't get me wrong, I'm far from a sore loser, and my losses are higher than my wins. I just never fare well against elves. Just like Slaanesh and her daemonettes, I harbour an unnatural hatred of elvenkind.

I don't mind dark elves though.

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  1. Have to say it wasn't your night, especially in the magic department. I'll put my report up today so you can have a scant before tomorrows fun. Rematch at more points will probably be closer, it looked like you were missing some of the more brutal elements.


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