Sunday, 2 October 2011

Azazel, Prince of Damnation...

...or should I say, patron saint of cursing "damnation!" at a particular chunk of metal.

Cheesus Cripes, this was a labour of love, without the love. So, a labour. A long, hard damn labour.

Everyone's favourite special character daemon prince of slaanesh (by purely being the "only" one) has been unlovingly created by myself. There's a story behind this so-and-so, so please allow me to vent before I press on with my out of focus photos of my kitchen, that sometimes include war toys in the foreground.

This model seems to go for silly money on eBay. Which is weird. I like him, I've seriously got a hard on for quirky old minis that games workshop made aeons ago. This cheeky chappy generally goes for about £40, and a new plastic daemon prince goes for £20.

I picked him up from a trader for just over a tenner. Bargain. He needed stripping and was missing a tail, but so what?

So he came with two right wings. The photo was made so it looked like he had two wings either side, but one was just back to front. So I got a bit of a refund (I decided I'd rather keep the majority of a good model who just needed stripping) and search for a spare wing on ebay.

Well, a month or so passed, with no luck, so I bit the bullet and bought great eagle wings from GW themselves - they were pretty much the same ones and just needed some work to make fit on Azazel's back. Alot of damn work. Alot of greenstuffing, cutting, filing and drilling and 3 pins worth (two on both wings and one between the two wing holding them together) and they were fixed in. Phew.

The sword was a bit piddly, so I decided to give him one of the swords from the plastic daemon prince. I also put the top of a slaanesh  icon on the hilt, to extend it and also make it a weapon befitting Slaanesh's right hand.

Finally, with the legs I was happy to angle the left foot so the back leg was in contact with the base. It gives the model more support, and makes him look like he's moving more naturally than the prancy version if hes stood upright. I also put a spare loincloth from the daemon prince kit to cover up his missing tail (and Azazel's particularly pert man-bottom.

So, without further ado, here's some piccielicks.

He still needs a bit of greenstuffing on his back to make the joint betwixt the wings less noticeable, but other than that he's a done deal.

And if I never hear the name "Azazel" again it'll be too soon.

In game...I dunno what to do with him! I'll perhaps use him a generic daemon prince, with no mark of slaanesh (shocking!) and wings (obv), unnatural swiftness (I7 WS8 always strike first with rerolls? Yummy) and Immortal Fury (St5 rerolling to wounds). All this for 375 points. He then gets a tad expensive when you start adding wizard levels to I'd probably just use him as a monstrous battering ram.

Other possible alternative were using him as a bloodthirster, and adapting his old rules for campaign games (which can be found here:

So let me know what you all think! I've also editted the settings so anyone can comment, so post away!

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  1. Welcome to the Tale of Painters Blog Network!
    Can't wait to see this bad guy painted ;)


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