Saturday, 8 October 2011

Editorial - Operation: Finish a unit

Afternoon y'all. This is just a wordy "filler" post to help tide me over until I have something substantial to blog about.

Firstly, I have some bad news from the zones tumbleweeds, it turns out our local store and gaming venue is shutting down in the next week This saddens me as I may have played my last ever game there. Bad times!

Although I had a good game with my pal Rob and his lovely crisp empire army. We played a blood and glory mission which we unfortunately didn't get time to finish, although he insisted I won I still insist he had a very good chance of drawing, if not getting the win himself.We basically ended up with our units tied in combat in the centre, with myself controlling the flanks but with units too out of position or weak to pose much threat.

I must apologies for my bloodcrushers chasing an outrider unit off the board by causing terror (which they didn't cause!) so they could have stood and shot before being cut down. But alas, another point to plot on my learning curve.

A few quick additions - I've been a bit busy on ebay, and I managed to acquire another fiend of slaanesh head for my spawn fiend conversions. I also acquired a Games Day Sorceror for "cheap", who will be finding use in my future Beastman army.

So, I'm hopefully going to be attending AGOM next year with the rest of my gaming club The Leeds Nightowls. I'm six games in with the daemons and I've actually won more than I've lost - so I'm sure I'm due a few poundings in the future!

Anyway, this is bringing me nicely to my next point. I've had a few comments about my army being a nice, aesthetic force...but there in so much disrepair! I've got a mix of good models in with unpainted, half painted or utter monstrous mutant daemonettes with the legs the wrong way, heads at jaunty angles smeared in hormogaunt purple foundation paint.

So, my mission is - finish one unit of daemonettes. I keep putting this off, but I need to sit down and grind out a unit of daemonettes. The standards, champions and musicians need touching up, the bases need doing, the tray needs painting and finishing.

Last night I tidied my "toy room" as the missus affectionately calls it, and cleared my multitude of half complete projects and years worth of bits away. A nice, neat workspace ideal for lining up a unit and painting until completion.

This is actually a secret ploy. I've started back at university again studying for a PG dip, and soon enough the work will stack up to a point where I'll need to donate a lot of my free time to university work. My girlfriend also needs a room to study in, and would like to use the desk when it comes to the end of her doctorate in spring next year. Basically, I'm concerned this project will run itself into the ground, and lose steam when I need to concentrate on real life. I don't want this to happen as I want to have the discipline to actually finish an army I'm proud of.

So, wish me luck. I will not update again until the unit is complete!

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