Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Unit - complete!

So, I finished a unit this weekend. An epic, long haul of painting and modelling and fixing broken off arms, touching up poses and painting bases. I got a unit of 24 pretty much finished. They need a good wash with black ink and snow putting on their bases.

I'm hoping to complete two units of 30. I was tempted to paint them slightly differently by giving them different coloured tabbards, but I gave up on that idea. I decided to paint them all the same, since there's a good possibility of combining them together to make a single larger unit.

So here are my Daughters of the Slaughter. The name gets 9/10 for originality.

In there is my Battle Standard Bearer and full command. The unit champion/Alluress is the one in the helmet. I've got a bit of touching up to do, but they're definitely table top quality for me and I'm quite pleased I had the discipline to sit down and blast out a unit! It'll be nice to field a full proper unit, without unpainted or manky ebay cast offs.

Comments, as always, are welcome!

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