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Story corner - Come meet Devilfingers

Well hello again. Heres a bit of fluff about my Tzeentch Herald, Devilfingers. I got a bit fascinated with this character and came up with an interesting story about his background. I'm hoping to get quite a bit of background for all my units. This is particularly trecherous! I hope you enjoy...

Devilfingers, The Turncloak, Traitorkin

Devilfingers, in the years past, was one of Tzeentch’s favoured heralds. Veteran of hundreds of incursions, he was often at the forefront of legions of mutating horrors, his hands weaving iridescent destruction. The only thing that rivalled his tactical acumen was his thirst for forbidden knowledge, a fire burning within him that his patron was more than willing to stoke.
Then wheels were put in motion that would change everything for Devilfingers. He became besotted with finding  a sacred tomb of magic, lost aeons ago in the great sundering. The Compendium of Eldraneum held ancient lores long lost to Daemon kind, and held information about banishment rituals and daemonic binding. Its retrieval would raise Devilfingers to much higher standing, both denying its knowledge to mortal kind and excelling his own arcane knowledge. Success would perhaps be enough to ascend himself to greater daemonhood.
His forces were already in alliance with another great Daemonic Host, led by the Bloodthirster Gra’uhl’Bak Bleakblade. Calling a meeting of the host’s leaders it did not take much swaying to convince the Bleakblade to find this tomb and destroy it. However, after leaving the bloodthirster’s council, another approached Devilfingers. Ilzharod, Excess-General of the 666th Legion and highest ranking follower of the Pleasure God, had supported Devilfingers’ plans in front of the mighty bloodthirster. He knew of the book Devilfingers had mentioned, and knew he intended to take the tomb as his own. He would support Devilfingers on one condition – that at the end of the campaign, the Bloodthirster must fall on the field of battle.
Days later, Ilzharod sealed their pact and gifted Devilfinger the Rending Claw, a powerful staff to channel magic with a claw taken from one of his favoured daemonic concubine’s.  He also offered him a warning about the book – only by placing part of one’s essence into the book would it ever be opened, and once a word in the book was read, it would disappear from the pages forever.
This played heavily on Devilfinger’s mind over the following weeks. As they drew closer to the temple the book was held in, his thoughts drew darker. Should he acquire the book, he had the choice of not reading it and sacrificing it’s power, or Tzeentch would consume him entirely to retrieve the knowledge. It was too difficult a choice, for whatever he chose the arduous journey would all be in vain.
Then, on the eve of battle, Ilzharod came to Devilfinger again. He offered him Slaanesh’s patronage, and his protection, should he wish it. He could keep the book, and all its contents, should he pledge fealty to the Dark Prince. He then gifted him a helm, a mask of wrought iron on the outside, but infused with intricate runes within. His helm would keep the contents of Devilfingers’ mind safe from Tzeentch.
Devilfinger would not commit to any deal. He had too much to think of. Battle was joined outside the High Elf sacred temple which held the compendium. He fought with much more fervour and vigour those usual, weeks of angst taking form in his magical incantations. Eventually, they fought their way to the temple, the high elves broken and defeated. The Bleakblade, injured by a thousand sword cuts, strode towards the temple to destroy the Compendium. Devilfingers own pink horrors twitched and gibbered, unwilling to allow the beast destroy the book. Devilfingers made his choice.
He cast a mighty hex on the bloodthirster, his words cracking it’s obsidian armour where it stood. Gra’Uhl’Bak roared at the treachery, and turned as dozens of balefire bolts tore into him from the regiment of pink horrors at Devilfingers back. Unprotected from the magical torrent, the mighty bloodthirster soon succumbed and fell to his knees.
Devilfingers did not celebrate, but instead donned his new helm.
This signal was all the 666th Legion needed. Hoards of daemonettes leaped upon the Horror’s, tearing and gouging their way through their ranks with their razor sharp claws. Gibbering and putrid screaming echoed around as Devilfingers strode into the temple to retrieve the knowledge within.
From then on, Devilfingers had joined the ranks of the 666th Legion. He permanently wears his facemask, for fear that if he was to take it off Tzeentch would descend to consume all his essence and retrieve the ancient knowledge within his mind. An outcast for his treachery even within Slaaensh’s armies, he still strives to learn even more arcane knowledge and fuel his ascent through the ranks.

It’s unknown how far the deceit goes. One would think Tzeentch would have realised such a treachery before it had occurred, or put alternate plans in motion should such an event take place. Perhaps he knew all along, or it was his indeed his own plan. It is not often at all a follower of a Chaos power converts from the worship of one to another. However, one thing is for certain, Tzeentch still has a plan for Devilfingers.  Whether this bodes well or ill for Devilfingers only time will tell, but Tzeentch has always been willing to play the long game.

In game, he counts as a herald of tzeentch, with loremaster (shadow or life) and spellbreaker.

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  1. Really enjoyed that character story, you've a real knack for em.


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