Tuesday, 27 March 2012

1500 points - Complete!

So, I know my updates have been sporadic, but I've been getting my head down and painting like a Razorgor on heat.

Before I start, I'm going to point you towards my good friend James's blog Gaming with the Asur. I'm hoping it will be a blog of misadventure as no doubt he'll be blogging about how he constantly fails to defeat my beastmen and how I always stay one tactical step ahead, but I doubt it. Give it a look anyway, he's usually quite sharp with the tactical tips (unlike me).

Okay, so I've completed my A Gathering of Might list, and it's fully painted. I've got 8 or so Bestigor left to fully base but I'm waiting for the bases to dry before I put the snow effect on. I've played with them against Daz's Daemons in a Blood Forest scenario (It's watchtower, but instead of a building it's a blood forest). I got a resounding victory (only losing a chariot), although I believe my familiarity with the daemon book, Daz's unfamiliarity with said book, using the wrong list, poor dice rolling, my continuous hatred, a beast of a razorgor AND his recent obsession with 40K all led to my victory. But other than all that it was all my tactical acumen...

This game helped me a little bit to get use to "gamey" situations, and learn the ins and outs of tournament fantasy. Daz is an old hand at competative play and was full of tantalising tips, helping me use my redirectors to their maximum effect. I'm getting to grips with fantasy a bit more now, but I'm still forgetting silly things like reforming after combat. Magic however is something I've taken to quite well, so I'm hoping I can avoid the wooden spoon on my first outing at a tournament with a "sub par" list.

I'm extremely happy with the way this army has panned out. I'm dissapointed I rushed my bestigors a little bit, but in the end I think it was unavoidable. My time is heavily budgetted at the moment, and this 1.5k worth of points really needed finishing. I'd given them until saturday to finish, and it's monday night and they're 99% done. There's little that could convince me to spend time highlighting armour and cloth on 20+ bestigor when only 5 would be fully visible.

I've rejigged my list, and I've managed to fit in another Razorgor. I could swap my chariot for 10 ungor raiders, but I don't actually think they're that good. Chariots seem to scare the crap out of most players, so I'll keep it in. I also like the model, and I can't be bothered painting up 60 points of models when I have a lovely 80 point one already finished!

This weekend will be a small mini tournament at our local club, as a bit of a warm up. Hopefully this should be enough practice to make sure my list, and my generalship, is up to scratch.

Apologies for the dark pictures, but you get the idea of what I've completed.

I'll be back with more updates soon - and that's a promise.


  1. Congratulations on completing 1500pts. Always good to hit a milestone like 1500pts. Top work.

  2. Real nice work. You must be proud. They look great together as an army. Well done.


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