Sunday, 11 December 2011

Warpigs! - Razorgor WIPs

Well I've rested on my laurels abit this week after my huge influx of views for my WIP doombull. It was included on the blog round up on A Tale of Painters, which was a huge honour for me to be included on such a great blog. You can see the link here, I suggest you all go and look:

So anyway, today I've got back on the centigor and made a few more conversions.
I took a huge load of dark eldar boxes back to my local games workshop (who were reluctant to swap them, but did anyway). I swapped them for some more useful chaff, stuff that I need to bulk up my army, like ungor.

Anyway, one of the boxes I got was the savage orc boar boys. A cracking deal - unfortunately they had no orc chariots (grumble) or beastmen chariots (they don't carry metal plastic hybrid's in store anymore...grumble number 2).

One finecast razorgor (or Pumbagor, as they're unaffectionately known as across the intrablags) costs £15. Five boars costs the same.  I have a dozen spare spawn bits to use on them, so I could make 5 in total. I was going to keep two for standard gors pulling a chariot, and 3 for razorgors.

Here's the first two I made. All I've done is add chaos spawn tails and spikes to them, and greenstuff fure to blend them in more. The horns are spares from the minotaur plastic kit, replacing the ears from the orc boars. The one with no eye is ready for basing and painting, the other needs a bit more green stuff before he's ready.

Next to a gor...

...and then next to a mino.

Very simple, and the results are very nice. And, also, very cheap.


Oh, and one last teaser before I go...lets see if you can guess what it is...


  1. Nice one, now I now what to do with by spare box of boar boyz! I'm thinking spares from the chaos warhounds would also do well here.

  2. The razorgors are not finecast yet.

  3. You are of course correct, as this would increase their price and make them even more expensive.


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