Monday, 23 April 2012

Sick leave and the WIP Firebelly.

So, I've got your attention. This is a weird one. I had two exams this week (which I utterly nailed), but the night before I was unable to sleep. I was hot, uncomfortable, and hallucinating. It turns out I had a gland infection, which has meant I've been unable to go to work all week. My throats swollen, my joints ache and weirdly my arms have been feeling horrible.

My hands have had utterly no strength what so ever. I couldn't open a tin of beans, it was painful to button up my jeans, and, worst of all - I couldn't paint or sculpt! I've literally been going nuts at home, unable to do a damn thing due to my accursed fingers (even my university work is at my workplace).

I'd bought my Firebelly as a treat for my lack of model making over the last month, but even that has had to sit on the side until this weekend.ow, I'm not

But now I've got to make him, hurrah!

So, this idea came to me in my mad fit of hallucinating pre major exam. I was musing on the idea of using minotaurs as ogres, but the lack of a suitable minotaur model to use as a mage bugged me. Then it hit me, I was going about it all wrong, making an ogre into a minotaur - FRICKING GENIUS!

At least, in a sweat soaked bed at 3.56am it was.

So here's some WIP shots from the blighter. He's about 75% done. His paint needs tuning up, base doing, washes applied, generally tarted up to table top standard. But I'm happy how he turned out (including the quality of the green stuff chin giblet thing).

I've made some alterationg to him - mace head on his weapon,  added a skull to him dust cloud (always need moar skullz) and was lazy and gave him a shield to cover his belly.

Oh yeah, my shelf of warhammer fame! Maybe I'll win something proper one day? (I had to take my degree certificate out of that frame to put this one up).


  1. Ooo, that is interesting. I like the look, it works quite well. The body looks great but I do feel that the head looks a little large for the neck. Otherwise, great stuff and nice GS work.

  2. Thanks, I think the head needs more of a neck, but to be honest I think he's ok. It's not that the head is out of scale with the body as he's the same heigh as my other minotaurs. It's weird, once painted he might look a bit more in proportion


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