Monday, 11 July 2011

Storm of magic preperation - Herald of Tzeentch

Salut! Ca va? Bon? Bon! Moi, aaaaaw, je suis c'etait super! Merci merci!

So, la storm d' magique (aka the Harry Potter cash in) is upon us, and I acquired the book on wednesday. It was available for "pre order for delivery on the day of release" from my local gaming store, which meant "buy it today and take it home and promise not to read it until saturday".

So, it looks absolutely bonkers! I've definately got a few ideas how to make a nice, fluffy Slaaneshi list...the lamassu especially, and I've got some ideas for a giant conversion.

But to be honest, I'd had a few ideas floating around about what to do for some count as wizards. One of the main sore spots of mono slaaneshi lists, particularly competitively, is that their magic could use a couple of the main lores from the rule book to help it. So one way of addressing this is by including a single herald of tzeentch. With master of sorcery and spellbreaker he could help keep my augment's/hexes up, whilst dispelling particularly nast spells such as dwellers. It makes sence that some daemons of slaanesh have specialised in magic casting, especially in certain lores (like shadow).

I decided to use the new plastic tzeentch sorceror from the storm of magic as a base. Those chicken legs suited the legs of daemonettes. I decided to make im a little different from the stock plastic model, but changed certain parts to add a slaaneshi tone. A claw from the top of the plastic daemonette banner pole on the staff did this perfectly. The flagellant plastics had a great caged up face that screamed slaanesh, and I decided to add some pony tails. I added two hands from the empire wizards kit (the book and the hand making the horns with a particularly camp dagger). I'm hoping the model is so unique that he'd stand out as a high level wizard, whilst not betraying my slaaneshi theme.

So, here's Noface, Shadow Scholar of Slaanesh (suggestion for better names welcome).

Also, here's another Soulcrusher conversion. I'm particularly fond of her whopping scythe hammer thing.

Keep following guys.

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