Wednesday, 14 March 2012

AGOM preperation - 1000 pts so far

Here's the backbone of my Gathering of Might army, fully painted. It was a bit touch and go with 2 of my university exams and 1 essay being on the tuesday after the tournament but I've been looking forward to this weekene for a while, so I'm chucking effort into getting bits finished sooner rather than later so I can crack on with uni work undistracted.

I've about 1000points fully tabletop standard here, with a unit of bestigors and 10 ungor raiders still to do. My herdstone needs finishing too, though the more I look at it the more unimpressed I am by it.

I'll get better photos soon, don't worry!

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  1. The thing is the first 1000pts is often the hardest. You have low point characters and you are filling out that core. Once you get past that you are doing more fun stuff and the points fall quicker. Don't be disheartened you have a great force there and I cannot wait to see it get even bigger!


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