Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Next project - one of thrice

So, with the tournament coming within three days, already I've begun thinking of a new project. The thing is, Beastmen ave been such a damn good project of mine (the best yet!) that it's difficult finding anything to compete.

I've still so much to do with Beastmen as well, but I doubt I'll do everything, due to having so many redundant choices in the army book that I'll never take.

A list of things I need to finish for my beastmen, once time is no longer a premium again:

1) Cygor
2) Ungor hoard of 50 (including 10 raiders)
3) A razorgor chariot
4) A full unit of 10 centigor
5) A full unit of pestigors (20ish)
6) A maximum of 40 more gor, with a variety of shields and AHW.

This I think would take me to over 2500 points, and a fully unique and impressive force. Should I ever wish to sell it, it would go for alot of moola.

But yet, I'm still thinking of new projects! I'm always on the hunt for creative outlets. So here are three options:

1) Nurgle daemons

This can fly. Honest. And has flaming attacks
A friend has about 50 metal plaguebearers waiting for being put together. I'm tempted, as its rarely done thing a mono daemon list. I aready have a slaanesh mono list which I probably should with new plastics on the way. My best idea is for a loremaster life/death herald of tzeentch on a flying chariot using the mordheim plague cart. Which comes to over 200 points!

What's not fantastical about a giant daemon mecha crab
that works for evil short people?
2) Chaos dwarves - A true side project, prohibitively expensive to buy, rules are very hit and miss, and unable to take them to any major tournament at GW. I do game mostly with friends though, so it would be a fun and unique force. However, there's not much scope for conversion, one of my ideas being for the hideously broken K'daii destroyer from a soulgrinder.

Just want a reason to buy new skull terrain!

3) Mordheim - Build a terrain board. I've recenly been getting into making terrain so making a small board for the house (I've only a small dining table, so 4x4 would be the maximum I could make) would be interesting. My friends making a necromunda board, I was thinking of a full mordheim board (with all the gorgeous new GW terrain to boot, as well as some 3rd company pieces) would be cool. It may spur all my gaming group to make mordheim gangs (lets face it, unlike necromunda everyone has minis in their armies they could use). I could also adapt it for gorkamorka as I had planned a few months ago.

So, I throw it out for you: Two new armies, or a small board for skirmish games?

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