Thursday, 17 May 2012

Chaos terrain - sinister statue

Hi guys. Well I'm not having a great time of it with work and uni at the minute and having little free time to tinker with.

I did however manage a game this weekend against Neil's chaos warriors and discovered I intensely dislike Hellcannons. In a cracking game which literally went down to the last turn (partly because of a resounding charge by my gors, wiping a block of warriors,  Overunning into another deathstar block, and my lv4 rolling a 6 with his steel claws!) I narrowly lost by about 200pts (about the same cost as my beastlord who ran off after failing a ld9 stubborn test anf being chased down in that same last turn...).

So, with time short, I've ploughed it into making terrain. This is a sinister statue I made a few years back, but went back to make a wee bit better. I'd roughcoated it (why, young Simonster, why?) and based it on a round 60mm base (seemed a good idea at the time...).

The statue itself is a demon from Heresy Miniatures and was going to be a herald in my 40k army, until he became surplus to requirements, heralds in 40k being mostly pointless. He now sits atop an arcane ruin pillar (great things they are!) with the magical help of alot of pinning.

The demons painted a 50:50 mix of black:shining gold, drybrushed shining gold then washed with heavily watered down scaly green.

I went for the rough blood splattered icon of khorne on the pillar.

It still needs snow basing but hes otherwise ready to hit the table and block line of sight like nobodies business.

I've literally had dozens of ideas for a chaos table that for years I've been unable to do until now. Now I've got chance, I'm going to have fun.

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