Tuesday, 1 May 2012

chevrons are locked (blightstone WIPs)

I'm not going to lie. Dreadstone blight was a ballache to make. The walls were warped, didn't fit the base and the wooded floors had nothing to purchase on to form a solid, firm bond to the walls.

In the end, I broke the componants down into two sets of parts. I built a stripped down blightstone, with just a single floor. I decided that one floor would be plenty for gaming with and making it larger would only add to my misery of making it. With the rest I made another piece of terrain, a single floored wall.

Well, once primed I decided to go for a simple grey scheme and not to pick out details. Well, that didnt last long! The terrins got loads of great little details, and I couldn't help myself. I enjoyed the stargate in the base - gave me chance to use some under used colours in my collection.

The inscrption on the death scrolls is "mann gegen mann". It's german and roughly translates "man verses man". As my board will be chaotic I think its fitting.

I've also mostly completed my fulcrums. I'm just waiting to mix my next batch of dark gold (50:50 shining gold and chaos black) so I can finish them off.

The vortex is a brilliant kit! I love it. Both fulcrums are great. After consulting my colour coordination specialist (read: my girlfriend) she chose a blue colour over bright green. With this in mind, I painted it hawk turquoise, icy blue, leviathan purple wash, then icy blue highlights. Easy peasy.

All this terrain was built and mostly painted in two evenings - that's really quick for me!

So...what to paint next...

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