Monday, 27 June 2011

The deprived...Flamers of slaanesh conversion

So, here's my conversions for my flamers of tzeentch.

The basic gumfph of these guys is that they're exiled Elven mages. Dabbling too deeply in the Lores of fire, they're experimentation led to a massive disaster of some description I havn't decided yet, killing loads of the pointy ears, dogs and kittens.  The leading elder mages cursed them, to forever have their hands wreathed in burning flame, unable to feel or touch anything without it being burnt to a cinder.

Slaanesh, ever his eye watching Elven kind, found potential in their dabbling. He sent a herald to them, deep in the forests, to offer them a deal - their worship and servitude, for the ability to lift the curse and exact their revenge.

They accepted, and Slaanesh blessed them. However, the curse was only partially lifted. Their right hands were no longed sheathed in baleflame, but instead of their hands returning, Slaanesh chose to mark them as his own. He gave them sharp, bladed claws much like his favoured daemonettes. They could feel sensation again, but at another price - what they touched would be cut, their claws not deft enough to caress without leaving a bladed mark.

They took their revenge, burnt stuff down, kittens and puppies merged, then they ran off back to the woods, ever so often popping out to help add some shooting to my list. I will, honestly, write this up properly, but it's 11 at night, and I'm watching Sirens.

Here are some pictures, enjoy!

So, finecast minis. Hmmm. I've basecoated these guys and alot of the detail has vanished, the hair on my pyrocasters got quite a few bubbles I didn't notice at first. Ho hum.

I've had today off work, and got quite alot of work son my army done today. A good day. Bear with me, I'll be updating again very soon...

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