Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Storm of Magic - We could be (magically bound) giants

Hallo, and here's a BIG announcement of GIANT proportions! Arf!

I've just finished this cheeky chappy. He's mostly finished - I'm going to base the whole army at once - He's still missing a prisoner in his cage on his right waist. I decided I'd do the cage seperately, for ease of painting, then put it all together at the end.

This guy was an utter blast to paint. I sat down and painted him in 2 hours. It all just came together so well. My usual source of light (the kitchen worktop) was a bit grim, so I quickly stole in while my missus left the ironing board unattended to nab my pictures - ninja skillz!

I wanted to get across that firstly, this giant is mortal, and not a daemon. He's warped and monstrous, but he's not daemonic, so he's still looked down at and sneered, a beast to be used. I decided to give him fleshy skin, a 50:50 mix of tallarn flesh and astronomonomnomnomicon grey. I used this on my dark eldar which can be found at simonfisherlol.blogspot.com.

However, they've convinced him to fight for the glory of Slaanesh by crafting him some nifty kreuger-style claws. Slash! These were just the champion talons from the daemonette box. One of the fingers from these was used as a finger gauntlet for his thumb. His tongue is also from the instrument in the daemonette boxset, which most people have a dozen of. He's up for that pain for pleasure malarky too, so I modelled some dangly chains from his body. I did the blood running down his back, running into his ripples of fat. I was going to put a banner on his groin, dangling through his legs, but I decided against it. He's a Slaanesh giant - he probably wants quick access to the interior contents of his breeches.

So, basically GW are trying to shift as many giants as possible at the moment by alowing them to be used without scrolls of binding and giving them the giantkin helm. Luckily, I'm a whopping big sap and fell for it, but that's ok. This kit is utterly brilliant, and I cannot recommend it enough. Go get yourself a damn giant.

Here's the damn pics.

I'll be having fun with this guy I can tell you that!

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