Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Favours for interblog challenge.

Hi guys, a bit of a funny update today. I've just finished at my graduation ceremony for a PGC, and my spouse and I are on our way to a long weekend away so there'll be no real modelling updates.

I have, however, a fellow blogger and real life chum who owed me a favour. My friend Rob runs a blog called Inkitout at He doodles things randomly,usually cute robots with oversized eyes and love hearts, but occaisionally graphically captures jokes and events that happen in his day to day life (usually whilst he should be working). I went to pick up some festival tickets from the post orifyice and jokingly said to him he owed me a blog post.

'lo and behold, I got one. Here's his interpretation of me. As a space marine.

Now, I must interperate him through the medium of toy soldiers. It must be done - two different mediums of creativity, combining to make something quite random. I've a couple of ideas, which may come to fruitition after my short break.

Stay tuned, I'll be back before you know it. Please go check his blog, there's some good stuff on there.

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