Sunday, 7 August 2011

Fiendish tinkerings - More (improved) converted Fiends

Salutations my fellow hobby rodents, I'm back peddling on the war-hamster wheel, enclosed within my small metal cage of nerdiness.

So, my sweetlings, todays update is my fiends. I know from the stats that one of the more popular posts of mine is the converted fiends. Recently I've been playing with them unpainted and unfinished, and most people are just calling them my spawn, not my fiends. I'm a little grumpy about this, because they do just look like spawn.

I was tempted to purchase the stock fiends from GW and use the three I had as unit fillers for my daemonettes. This would mean I'd have to change the spawns bases to a larger monster base to rank up with the daemonettes properly, and to get the GW metals it would cost over £35 (more, when they inevitably hit finecast).

So, instead, I decided to plough on with my plan. I am going to make a small change, and try and acquire older fiend/seeker heads from ebay. These will help distinguish the conversions from spawn, and add a "wow old school cool!" to the way they look.

So, I greenstuffed fur on one of their backs and painted one of the buggers. It's not quite finished, but it gives you the general idea. Once I complete the unit, I'll take proper pictures. In proper light. In the meantime...

So, yeah, I'm pretty pleased how he came out. I couldn't be bothered greenstuffing a tit on it's chest. Each to their own when they make their own slaanesh models, but I don't like everything having one or two boobies. I'm not that great at sculpting, it wouldn't come out great, and it's just tacky and juvenile. I'll just scult it a giant dong instead (willies are easy to sculpt that titties).

Ahem, all the NSFW discussion aside, here's a WIP of another fiend. This cheeky chappy had a half beastman head with a wiggly worm for a tongue. Well, instead of that, I swapped it for a old seekers head with a horn and snout. It didn't have a lower jaw when I bought it from ebay, so I gave it the jaw I'd made for the other fiend. It comprised of two claws and a greenstuff tongue.

So, let me know what you think!

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  1. ' I couldn't be bothered greenstuffing a tit on its chest.' I bet you could.


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