Monday, 8 August 2011

Showing your (garish) colours - Daemonette standard bearers WIP

Today's update is some WIP pictures of my standard bearers.

The paint jobs are a bit messy, and need alot of touching up (quite a bit more than I thought now I've seen the photos!).

What I wanted to do was to make the icons stand out. I didn't want to use the straight out of the box icons on my troops (how dull!), so I jazzed them up.

Here's the first. The flayed skin banner was the undivided/glory icon taken from the chaos space marine box, which was a spare bit since I'd cut off the spikes for some previous conversion which I cannot remember. I put some spare claws in their place to finish the eight pointed star. The main icon was just a slaanesh icon from the chaos space marine vehicle sprue - it just finished the whole icon and made it fully slaanesh rather than undivided.

Here's the second. Inspired by seeing a Skaven BSB with a long billowing banner behind it. I decided to try the same with one of my banners. I took the two standards from the seeker boxset, and added the long banner onto the other banner pole sideways. I had to greenstuff the bottom corner to the pole to make it look like it was wrapped around it. I also had to fill in a hole on the back on the banner with greenstuff. I decided to give the girl a dark eldar dagger arm, just for added uniqueness. I had to cut it above the rope tied on the bicep to make it fit with the daemonettes shoulder.

The Skaven banner had chicken scratch (or should I say rat scratch?) runes and iconography on it, which I liked. So I did the same with my daemon banner. I used the old chaos rune translation from the looooooong out of print Slaves to Darkness book. So, here's a quiz, what does my banner say?

It says: Claw, Keeper of Secrets, Mark of Slaanesh, Daemonette, Under the eye of the Chaos Gods. Utter gibberish, I know, but they look slaaneshi and I'm quite happy with the job I did.

Cool, huh?

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