Sunday, 30 October 2011

There will be blood(letters) - more count as shenanigans and A unit filling WIP.

I took the plunge and got some old school Daemonettes to add to my army as count as bloodletters. There's actually quite a bit of variety, and I've got about 20 or so with a unit filler to be going on with. I'll be keeping an eye out on ebay for any more going cheap in the near future.

I actually quite like these models! I know some people hate the S&M crab look, but I think they're a nice homage to the older chaos that I grew up with.

Well, here are my first two testers to give me a good feel for how the unit is going to come out. I've tried some new photography techniques as well, but you get te idea.

I used the foundation paint Adeptus battlegrey for the skin. It's not as dark as my charcoal grey mix I've used for bloodletters in the past, but darker than the lighter shadow grey I use for the rest of my daemonettes. The black wash darkens it further, making the skin tones different to help aid my opponent differentiate the units.

I've also put red about the model to again help single them out as bloodletters. Huge hulking claws, and gold and red liberally chucked around on the model should hopefully remind people they're not daemonettes but something else.

They more muscular and squat than the modern daemonettes, so  I'm happy a unit of these will stand out sufficiently without looking out of place.

I've also included a picture of my unit filler that I discussed in my previous post. Enjoy!

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