Sunday, 30 October 2011

A taste of Lustria...An interlude.

Why was I not online for over two weeks putting up new pictures of lady devil things?

I didn't call, I didn't text, I didn't write...Well, I was cheating on you. With Lustira.

Don't worry, it was just a casual fling.

For those who don't know, next year's tempus fugitives event is set in Lustria. I downloaded the old Lustrian campaign book for a read a few weeks ago just because it's an area I've not explored in fantasy. Reading through it stirred some thoughts, which for me is a bad thing.

Our club is lacking in terrain recently after our move across Leeds, and I got really excited about how simple a lustrian table would be to create. A few fish tank accessories here, a few jungle trees and the odd temple with a bit of lichen on and kapow, instant Lustria. Something I've always enjoyed playing at warhammer world (and, to a lesser extend, maelstron games) is playing on a themed board with a decent ammount of scatter.

The fact was, I've never finished a table's worth of terrain. I've never had room to make a table for myself and store it, so terrain was just a few bits and bobs I had in various states of completene
ss in a box somewhere on the odd occaison I had time to play a game at home.

So, grabbing what spare bits and bobs I had, I quickly got some jungle terrain made.

Both these wood pieces were made in superfast time. The jungle trees was a sprue I had kicking around for about ten years, from a bygone age when every battleforce between 2000-2005 had a jungle sprue to bulk up it's weight.

The tall bamboo tree was inspired by a terrain board on the GW website. The tops of the trees are from the wood set (I used the trees for a bare winter scape, one I will return to complete soon). I was going to use bamboo skewers but it was out of season and morrisons didn't have any (a lie, infact, as I found some on an unrelated visit in the mexican section). My missus, best missus in the world, bought me some wilkinson's chopsticks for 50p for 8, and these were much more suitable. Thicker, sturdier, more robust than the bamboo sticks and more suited for scatter terrain. The eagle eyed of you will notice a little baby tree made from a match stick. I made the one, then decided to keep it as one, because they looked a bit fragile and wouldn't last 5 minutes being chucked in a box.

The bases are the clear plastic covers on RW-CD drums. I didn't have anything else suitable and to be honest I don't mind the round bases. The material was dense enough without being too thick to leave a "step" between the board and the terrain piece. I had some old GW basing sand which had various sizes of grains and just isn't as good as the current GW basing material, but I've kept anyway for just such an occaison! I deliberately kept the floor clear of roots, but tossed a few large pieces of slate on, giving the floor an uneven look. I deliberately made the pieces mundane and non specific so they could be used for any gaming system (perhaps not epic, although I hear the underhives of necromunda can be filled with interesting flora/fauna).

I painted the trunks and ground dark flesh, then dry brushed the ground snakebite leather. The greener is Gnarloc green. with a dry brush of dark angel green and finally drybrush of snot green, all washed down with a pint of badab black. The corpse is from the imaginatively named corspe cart. All this was done in about 3 hours over two nights. I never new terrain could be so quick to make.

In addition to these, I've also got a plaster cast of a snake woman...thing. 50p from my local modelling shop at the start of 5th edition 40K, I'm tempted to get more as she's a fetching statue that can be used in several different warzones. I was going to give her a lichen coat as well. I think she's a very lustrian piece of terrain! They also have a skull, which I've misplaced. As GW tells us, you can never have enough skulls on the battlefield!

So, in addition to these bits of terrain, I had my eye on a few fish aquarium accessories and a few more exotic trees. I was also looking into getting an arcane ruin and converting it suitably to make a Lizardman sacrificial alter, with OOP lizardmen statues standing guard and snake glyphs liberally plastered across the pillars. All this terrain cost my 50p to make, as it was all mostly just bits I had hanging around (it also helped shed some of the plastic fat I've got cluttering the house at the moment too, added bonus!)

I was going to donate them to my local gaming club, but I'm currently waiting to see what the long term plans for the club are before I bring them in for storage. If I was to bring them in, I'd give them their own specific box for storage so they don't get mixed up with other terrain. I had also suggested the idea of a "terrain-a-thon", where every other month the members make one piece of scatter terrain for a themed table. We all get input on tables and don't get bored just making one thing. Again, this is something on the back burner until the club gets back to normalcy after the closing of our old venue.

All this lustrian nonsence also got me tempted into starting another army - lustrian ogres! I decided it was for the best to shelves these crazy plans though and concentrate on finishing my actual fantasy project.

In other news, has everyone seen the new necrons? The first bit of 40K for aaaaages. And it isn't drawing me back in. I probably wont play a game of 40k until the new edition now. I'm just honestly not interested in it at all at the moment, which is a shame. I used to love 40k, but fantasy is just such a better game for me at the moment.

Ho hum. Keep on rocking my hard rocking amigos.

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