Tuesday, 8 November 2011

High standards - a collection of standard bearers, icon holders and BSBs from around the net

Recently GW released a finecast standard pack for both Khorne and Tzeentch. These were utterly brilliant...bt unfortunately there were none for Slaanesh or nurgle or even undecided! Boo!

Well, I got thinking and, well, it didn't matter since I've got almost all the standard bearers I need! But I love to see a well done standard or banner bearer. I sometimes wish I could take more than one BSB in my army!

I like to browse the web for really good standards. As you may no, I'm not a great painter, so artstic masterpieces are all well and good, but what I like to see are genius conversion and clever use of bits to turn a hero into a banner waving fanatic. 

So, I've collected a few of my favourite to show you. If you ave yet to see mine, please follow the "standards" tag at the end of this post to see them.

A golden daemon  entry

Love this conversion, I may steal it!
Love everything to do with Chaos Dwarfs

Very simply and elegant conversion, especially the axe

More of this guys army is at http://ulvensandbox.blogspot.com/
If you know who made these, or you are they, please get in touch so I can give you a shout out!


  1. None of these are mine, but the one second from the end (with the tiger face) is from the excellent Beastmen blogger, Zebrazach.

    Also, may I congratulate you on a lovely blog full of inspiring ideas.

  2. Thanks, I've been looking at your blog for a while and I love the batreps! Cheers for adding the link!



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