Monday, 21 November 2011

Bray shamen with Lore of Breasts

*Warning - title may appear mispelt*

Here's a fully plastic shamen who will have lore of beasts. I've had this cheeky chappy converted for a few years, waiting for use in mordheim. Ha! Take that mordheim, Fantasy got in first.

He's a real mishmash, a bloodletter hand, a cut down banner pole, a troll skull, a 40k chaos space marine open book and some kroot bits, all melded together with copious ammounts of greenstuff. I put him rather far forward on his base so he looked rather dominant and characterish, whilst allowing him a bit of space to be dynamic without interfering with his fellow rank and files.

His skull helm I tried to paint so it looked like it had freshly been flensed so still had a pinky gore on it. I'm a bit annoyed that I dropped him and his helmet came off, and I couldnt reglue him so he didnt have big gaps above the eyes.

I think he looks suitably wizardish. I hope you all agree! He also needs a name, so suggestions are welcome!

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