Thursday, 24 November 2011

Great Bray Shamen of Shadow magic (and a sneak peek)

Well it was a...interesting model to paint, but here's my great shamen, he who does not yet have a name!

I The model is a limited edition games day sculpt for a chaos sorceror which recieved...mixed feelings in the chaos camps. I think he's a brilliant model, and fills the niche I needed him to - a Great Shamen who stood out from his fellow shamen as a Lord choice. He's not entirely beastman, but shares enough beastman characteristics to get by.

His background is that he was a prominant wizard in the empire, who suddenly FOR WHATEVER REASON started warping into a beastman. He's still between the two, but has managed to gather followers (due to his shamenistic skills, and beastman followers who were outcast albinos already). I know, it's rare for beastmen to respect turnskins (humans who turn to beastmen) but I think my backgrounds fairly watertight.

I'll work out some more serious background later, but now just enjoy the pics!

I've also got a sneak peak of my battle standard, if you care to whet your apetites. I honestly think this BSB is the best painted model I'll have ever done.

More soon!

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