Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Gorash Sowbane - Wargor BSB

So, here in the UK I've had most of the day off with the strikes. So I've been doing uni work for most of the day, but managed to get a little bit of painting done. The Ungors I spectacularly didn't finish within an hour - An hour later I've got the majority of four colours on them! Go me. Soon I'll begin taking time over each one to make them presentable - I'm just rubbish at painting more than one model!

But I did go back and touch up (hurhurur) my BSB. Here he is - my wargor Gorash Sowbane, Bearer of the Vision.

Nothing much to say about this model - I gave a few extra drybrushes ontop of the fur to make him stand out. I've still got the other side of the standard to paint the same design on (I'll do it one day, seriously). Gorash is an inside joke from when I tried D&D once - Gorash was a lesbian half-orc female barbarian who I crafted (Gor and gash put together, hilarity!). Although the regular players hated her - she also carried the entire gang through about 4 sessions by running straight in and hitting stuff in the face with a heavy axe. Infact he put down a (aparently alluring) female boss in one gory critical hit. I ended up being unable to commit every week due to work commitments, but they carried Gorash on as a NPC and though they tried to kill her - she wouldn't go down. I renamed a mordheim bestigor Gorash Sowbane, and now I've renamed this character - Gorash the third. I've got a bit of fiction wrtten up too wich I'll add one day in the future.

Oh, and a cheeky chappy on Warseer asked for a comparison shot of my dark wizard next to other gors - well, here you go!

He doesn't shape up too bad does he?

Oh, and one of my elite front rankers, lookign rather vexed and suprised he took a quiver to the chest. And rightly so.


  1. That's a really nice looking miniature. Putting the banner on as though it's being waved rather than hanging down is a good idea and it works much better than I expected; it gives the model some extra dynamism.

  2. Thanks again - he looks like he's really hefting that huge banner in the wind and rain - a thankless job if there ever was one!



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