Monday, 5 December 2011

The story of the self made doombull colon The joys of bits

So I sat down on sunday after to do some modelling. My marauder horsemen who I ordered hadn't arrived yet (bloody christmas post) and I still had a bit of work to do on my gors and ungor when I decided - Im fed up of Gors! I like 'em, don't get me wrong, its just beastmen have a whole ocean of modelling possibilities I've yet to explore and I don't want to burn out on basic troops.

I decided that since I was going to do something different I'd make a couple of minotaurs. Now, minos currently have a bad rep in the gaming community. "ugly" "muscles within muscles" "gaps in muscles you could fly an x-wing through" "stupid feet" - all made about the plastic set. Well, I kinda like them.

I used these bad boys when they were released as my bloodcrushers in 40k and they were vastly superior to the huge metal bastards daemons had at the time. The minos really blended in with the bloodletters too. When GW released their plastic bloodcrushers just over a year ago I just ignored them because I was so happy with my minos conversions.

Anywho, in 40k I run a unit of 4 bloodcrushers, which meant I had 2 spare. One I made for mordheim and is quite useable in fantasy now. The other I've had in spare bits. I went rummaging through my VAST bits box of half- to full- forgotten projects and found the two halves of the main body no where near each other. So I went about making him and just let my creativity fly.

Now, I don't know how conversions come to all you guys. Do you just sit st your desk and it comes to you? Do you spend hours designing and sketching? Do you ever just go with the flow and it makes itself?

I sat and just made this beast. Looking at the body I though about sculpting hooves. Then I remembered I had some giant's hooves. Nah too big, oh that 2nd ed nid warrior has hooves - too small and fiddly to convert - wait, don't I have some carnifex feet from an old tervigon conversion somewhere...

So for most of my afternoon I beavered away making this model. I was going to have him with a BSB but I have a guy for that right now, and his running posture was more suited to a single character (a bsb bunkered up in a unit) so generic doombull/gorebull was made. I can honestly say this model made itself - I was just a vessel the plastic used! What does he look like? Oh'll have to wait until tonight to find out!

The moral of this story? Its always handy to have a huge bits box! (or ten!) I can honestly say I never intended to run a list with a doombull, now I've made a cool model (with spare bits I had laying around no less!) and saved myself £30 in the process (as cool as the GW doombull looks I'm not dropping that much on him).

I've even been thinking about making a minotaur list based on the ogre kingdom book - now that would be scary!

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