Sunday, 15 January 2012

Painted Karniforox - Gorebull

So, remember Karniforex? The converted doombull, well, he's BAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK!

Here he is pretty much finished. Quite happy how he turned out - unfortunately I'm still trying to get a good formula for snow but other than that I'm quite happy, he's tabletop standard at least!

I tried to play down the purple and instead make his magical armour and weapon black as well, with purple being a highlight. This should make him stand out, well, that and his tyranid shoes.

I'm not going to lie, this guy was a bit of a pain to paint. I'm still not happy with the snow, All of my neutral colours all appear too neutral, meaning theres very little definition and contrast and for some reason the inks decided to pool straight away and leave huge puddles on perfectly flat areas of skin instead of coating nicely. Conspiracy! I managed in the end, I've also painted the little flag "wood elf green".

I want to go back later and fix some things, but at the moment it's time just to stand back and leave this dude, as I've got a whole army to get painted and time's ticking on.


  1. Looks quite Warmahordes, nice job.

  2. Thanks, I'm alway worried about painting huge models and I don't know why.

  3. 'Tyrannid shooos, Tyrannid shooooo oooo eees'...


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