Saturday, 14 January 2012

Warhalfhorses...a WIP by Steven Spielberg

So, we all know about the horse's head in a bed in Godfather...but where did the rest of that horse go?

Well, here, obviously. Here's the completed plastic centigors I've been working on. I've so far completed 4, with the standard bearers currently awaiting more attention. The standard bearer needed alot of work, so I've held off doing anything on him until I'm happy with the banner he'll have, before going ahead with his greenstuffing.

So, what's changed? Well I've loaded up their saddles abit more with some extras from the Ogre sprues (thank you bits services on eBay...), I figure since Centigors are roving nomadic creatures they'd probably pack up all their gear on their backs! I mean, leaving their kit at camp is likely to be pinched by a cheeky ungor! I've tried to mix it up abit with the right arms from the marauder kit as well - the maruader kit is brilliant! I also put a little more effort into the command units - I used a dark eldar hair extension to try and replicate the mane from the metal centigors.

My WIP flag waver, with the early stages of a goblet!


I can't wait to get some rank and file to bulk up the unit!

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  1. The barrels and kit to cover the saddles is a good touch, they should be covered in booze supplies as you have done here!


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