Sunday, 20 May 2012

The Herdstone "bloodgreed" painting competition - Winners

So, the painting competion at the Herdstone finished this week - the theme being Minotaurs. It was fiercely fought, with a fair spread of votes throughout the eleven entries. The standard was exellent as well, and serves to remind us that, although the Beastmen are not regarded as the best army out there, they have one of the fiercest followings!

So, without further ado, the results. Apologies to those outside the top four, I just didn't have the space to fit all the photos into this post.

So, in first place - an obvious winner - Popisdead's amazing minotaur lord

In second place, Garganthor's redicuously epic dreadlocked Doombull.

In third! And my doom/gorebull combo.

And, in fourth, Beastlord Karankawa's battle standard bearer.

As you can see, the standard was extremely high, so I'm highly chuffed I ranked at all! Well done to everyone who entered!


  1. That is awesome! Congrats on the third place, they look really good together.

  2. I think there's alot of hate towards the new mino plastics. Someone said they wouldd've voted for me if it wasn't a new mino plastic!

    I love them, personally.

  3. I admit I have never held the kit enough to tell properly but from the GW photos I am not a fan as such.

  4. Good work. That pair of enraged cows look like they mean business!


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