Thursday, 24 May 2012

A change of pace, a new Games Workshop and new paints

So my exam and essay are out of the way for my post graduate course, meaning some free time is on the horizon. In celebration, I went to games workshop with crazy thoughts - starting bretonnians.

I've toyed with the idea of bretonnians for months. I've never done a "good" army, their range is majority plastic (and still very good!) And to top it - no one else plays them. So, I decided to test myself and paint them in my club heraldry of yellow and blue, and I'd get some of the new paints to help.

Well, I popped into the new games workshop,which moved last week across town to a far less beneficial place for me. After the obligatory blue shirt pressuring me to buy kits and talking to me like I've not been in the hobby 15 years, and actually flat out lying about the bretonnian battleforce componants ("individually that would cost you over a hundred pounds!" maths calculates it at £70 so a saving of £15... Alevel maths w/ mechanics for the win.). I won't say that cost him the sale, but not listening to me when I said I wanted to test my schemes first one a single unit and ploughing about how you can play a game straight away out of the box didn't help.

So I bought a box of knights, some trees and a shedload of paint. They'd helpfully taken down the nice old paint-to-new paint conversion chart, so I had to do some guess work. The wonderful GW chap was also no real help by telling me the paints were wonderful, I should buy a dry and it worked great on his skaven  and they're working on reflective surfaces. That's nice, but I asked what a good skintone for dwarves was...

Dark flesh is now improved to rhinox hide, which I actually now prefer. I think I picked wrong with the graveyard earth equivelent as my new colour makes the horse I based look like he's running through a hot chocolate.  Warpfiend grey and slaanesh grey are literally the same colour and have a purple tinge which wasn't really put across on their display. So finally we have averland sunshine and the yellow glaze. The glaze is really nice actually and gives yellow a nice clean finish.

Now, I'm not saying yellow is easy now. Buti t's a damn sight easier.

So please, let me know what you think of my Brets. The errant knights will have white shields, showing they have to earn their heraldry and basically help identify them on the tabletop.

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  1. I think they look great. The scheme is simple looking but very strong. The yellow and blue, while not a unique scheme is one that works really well, nice and strong. And it wouldn't be hard to add some nice unique touches to the knights to identify them and make them more individual.


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