Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The eternal call of slaanesh is..."NEED MOAR WIPS!!!"

Ha haaaaa....y' geddit?

Ok, I'll leave humour to people who are paid for it, like "Russel Brand".

Here are some more WIPs from my tabletop. I'm cracking on nicely now and had these done for a couple of days, so should put them up now before I get any further with them.

Here's my battle standard bearer:

(S)he's The Masque with a simple arm swap for her twirly baton thing for a daemonette's standard arm. The banner is a dark elf banner cut off and attatched to the banner pole, and then the top is a banner top again from the plastic daemonette kit. 

Simple, striking, effective. Bish bash bosh. Now to give it a paint job to match it.

Next is my herald/squad champion.

I've given her 4 arms, just like a keeper of secrets. I wanted her to look like she's been gifted to the cusp of greater daemonhood. The claws arm less functional, but provide a sinister wing imagery, like a fallen angel. I've put two scrolls on there too to represent the wizard upgrade. The two normal arms are just from the dark eldar wych kits, and represent a torment blade. The whip is just a common symbol across the slaanesh list and represents this herald as a bit of a kinky bitch.

And finally, a (mostly) painted seeker.

Hope you enjoy this miscellaneous post, there will be more to come!

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