Tuesday, 17 May 2011

WIP Slaanesh herald on Chariot

Waddup? It's been a few days and I've slacked off, but I find when I start writing on here I'm absorbed for a good hour or so and I don't end up doing any painting! Bad Simon bad!

But then again, if I'm off painting I'm not on here, and my fellow bloggers are being left in the lurch. Sinister cycle.

So here are some photos of my models. Before I begin, I want to set the tone for my work. I'm a hobbyist, I love warhammer, I love the background. I love gaming, I love rolling dice and having a great experience at the tabletop, regardless of the end result.

I am a reasonable general. I am not a great painter. I'm a reasonably skilled modeller. I pride my armies on being themed and a coherent table top quality, with conversions that have a lot of character. I quite often field models that are "substandard" because they look cool. And hey - if you can't play with models you like, what sort of hobby is it?

So, with that said, here is the start of my army.

First of all, I thought I'd put my pride and joy up. My herald on a chariot. Probably not the strongest choice in my army, but a pure slaanesh army doesn't have many options for a centrepiece model. At lower points levels, I'd need something at hero level that had a bit of punch behind it. The chariot, I felt, was a good choice. Or so I hope!

This is an idea I've had floating around for a while. About 3 years ago I'd bought 2 high elf chariots from a bits service site. I was intending to make a tzeentch chariot but, like many ideas, I never got round to it, and chariot parts ended up in my bitz box.

So, cue last year, when I began my 40k slaanesh army when the new plastics came out. I'd put the majority of the chariot together, but again, never finished it off.

Third time lucky! With my newly acquired dark eldar bitz (seriously, raiders come with so much bling!) I set about making my chariot. I added the flag because, well, I'm really nostalgic. I remember getting my first ever taste of warhammer in 1996, when I picked up a free pamphlet in meadowhall. I remember the bright colours, the huge armies and models with HUGE banners! And warhammer's just not warhammer without some obscenely large flags! The plastic flag has a crescent symbol which can be found all around daemonette models, so fit perfectly.

I added the chain (with much chagrin and several choice, colourful words) just to complete the model, as it made no sense that two famously freedom seeking creatures would just ride around with a chariot on their back without some guidance.

By the time you read this, it will have been sprayed and majority painted. Let me know what you think.


  1. Absolutely brilliant... it looks like it should be a kit from GW imho

  2. Thanks, it was a blast to make - lets hope it doesn't suffer from "good looking model" syndrome and end up being pants on the tabletop!


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