Sunday, 15 May 2011

I will build a Grand Army Of Slaanesh!...

...but I don't want to spend a lot of money.

This is a terribly freugal attempt at making an army. Building a warhammer army is far more expensive than 40K - units are larger, and regiment boxes are getting smaller whilst prices rise.

Now I have a fair bit of disposeable income, I don't mind paying GW £20 every month. When you look sideways at other hobbies, such as car pimping, fishing, kayaking and camping - we spend hardly anything in persuit of our goals.

However, I've spend a fair bob on my dark eldar list recently, and will no doubt absorb some of my cash next month, with all those lovely releases...

And in all honesty - making a warhammer list of 1500 points is expensive! I'm lucky that the majority of my army is going to be plastic (a major deciding factor for me, in fact). However, even so, with massive blocks of infantry seeming to dominate the current game, one block would cost me £30 (two boxes of 10 daemonettes, costing £15.50 each). And I need that's the best part of £100 just on about 600 points, a third of my beginners list!


So, here is where I go all scrimpy. I'm challenging myself on how much I can spend to make a army.

Lets tally up what I had beginning this project. I had the majority of 20 daemonettes, which I paid £12 each for when they were new (3 years ago!). I also bought a Keeper of slaanesh (also known, in the nerd world, as a "kipper" of secrets, so excuse me if I call him so from now on) on ebay last summer for £20 - ready built and converted. Saving me £17 and extensive labour, pinning, and priming, and swearing, which I would happily pay £3 to someone to do that for me.

I've saved £26 so far!

Last year I bought a bundle pack of two high elf chariot chassis for £10 for tzeentch heralds in 40k, which have gone un used. But new the chariots would cost £15.50 with a load of elf bits I'd never use. So I've saved £10 on one (I'm only taking one chariot, so we'll count that as £5).

I've bought a pack of 5 seekers of slaanesh  and the masque for their standard price from GW last august as well, so I made no saving there. I have, however, bought another pack of daemonettes and another pack of seekers from Maelstrom Games, at 20% cost, £13.95 instead of £15.50. So there's £3 saved as well.

Someone out the must like these models...
Last year I bought a pack of 10 40k tyranid gargoyles for £18 from GW. If combined with 10 daemonettes I can make 10 Furies for the price of £31.95 - two packs of 5 metal furies costs £37 - saving £5! (and using a kit I've had lying round for ages to make some much nicer plastic, multipose figures!).

So, to ebay! I've had a bit of a mini haul this weekend. I bought 30 built, and primed, daemonettes for £40. that saved £6.50, which I'll round up to £8 since I don't have to bother building or basecoating them. Usually I like to build the models myself, but since they'll be all ranked up into blocks with minimal detail on show I'm not so fussed.

The fondly nicknamed "boobworm"
I also purchased an infamous "boobworm" without a rider for £6, saving £9 - which is a great deal! I'll be using two seekers for a chariot conversion, leaving two rider torsos free. This will allow me to make a herald of slaanesh on a steed, or a model which can count as two seekers.

So, finally. The biggest saving. Fiends of slaanesh. Each one is a metal model that costs £13 new from games workshop.

I intend to use converted plastic chaos spawn, which come 2 for £20. Or 6 for £30, as I found on ebay, new in box! Much less than the £78 I'd have to pay new!

So there you have it - so far I've saved £109.

Although, I must admit, I've had a guilty pleasure - I bought an out of production seeker of slaanesh head for my spawn fiends for £5 of ebay last week too...but I can afford to with all the savings I've made! And luckily with my huge bitz box from my dark eldar, I'm in a great position to make a unique, individual army.

Stay tuned, as I'll be putting up images of my models soon.

Take it easy, and remember to give into your temptations!

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